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“walking on the beach, our toes in the sand…” -justin timberlake

May 22, 2008

i’m going to the beach. not just any beach. not the lake. not whatever they call the east coast. we’re talking gorgeous sugar white sand, crystal clear blue water, and the angels themselves on the GULF COAST. this is the best beach in the world, i am certain. granted, i am a little biased, having grown up there and all. (that was to make the rest of you jealous.) this is my home. there is no better feeling IN THE WORLD than to lay in the sun with the warmth on your skin and a slight breeze… ALL DAY. my best friend in the whole wide world, christina castelin, and some other chicks and i are going to panama city (that’s where christina grew up) to lay in the sun, eat seafood, and spend good quality time together. i cannot wait. it’s time to get away for a weekend. a real weekend. where i didn’t schedule anything on sunday so i don’t have to race back saturday night. we’re talking friday saturday sunday and coming home monday. PERFECTION! not to mention however many nostalgic trips to red bar we may or may not take. AHHHH! SO EXCITED!

jealous yet?


“i’ve been away so long…” -the who

May 21, 2008

so… i keep having these moments in life, and think “i’m gonna remember this and blog about it”. and then i add it to my ongoing list of topics to blog about, and go about my day as if my intention to blog about these things is a decent substitution for my actual writing. so, just like catching up on LOST episodes, keeping your room clean, or keeping up with an old friend… once you get far enough behind, jumping back in seems a tad overwhelming. so here i sit, with much to say but not sure where to start. you know how you have a cup of coffee with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while? and you both sit there and give generic answers for a while, because spilling it all would seem a bit much at that point. well… that’s how i feel at the moment. a bit lost for what to say to jump back in. first, sorry i’ve been mia. (this is where i offer an excuse for it, and i’m afraid i don’t really have one. not a good one anyway) 

all my stored up “blog topics” seem outdated now, and yeah they would all be about music, marta, or my porch. like how the other day, i was finally, for the first time, that girl running down the stairs to catch the train going “wait!” as the train doors shut and took off without me. that was a moment. and so, for the next 10 minutes i sat and remembered the pity i had on “those people” everytime i saw one before. how i’d ride the escalator up and watch the guy running with all his might to catch the departing train, and i would wish him on that train, and would hold my breath for him, have an inner-plea with the conductor to open the doors back up, and then finally would let out a disappointed sigh when he did not get on. yep… i was that chick. i wonder who was fighting that inner-battle for me that day.

well… there is more, but i felt like we should small talk a little before jumping back in. i would insert my promise to be more blog-active here, but it would be a pie crust promise… “easily made, easily broken” as good ole mary poppins would say. but i will try, for what it’s worth. more to come soon. oh good. glad we got the awkwardness out of the way and can jump back in where we left off!