“when we see You, we find strength to face the day…” -brenton brown

September 22, 2008

yesterday morning was a good one. a great one, actually. i was singing in the main services at browns bridge community church with a great group of musicians… a great group of people. i wasn’t on my a game upon arrival. there’s just been a good bit on my mind lately, and especially that morning on my drive up to cumming. so i got there and we started rehearsal. we sang hosanna by brenton brown, mighty to save, and here i am to worship (oldie but a goodie). i love those sunday morning rehearsals and runthroughs. i take them as my own time to have a personal moment of worship. not that i don’t worship during the services, but i love being in the room before everyone comes in. praying over those empty seats. focusing my heart. i consider it much like that private moment the bride and groom have alone in the sanctuary before the ceremony. where we come meet with the Spirit and commit ourselves to Him and His leading for that time. 

hosanna is one of my favorite words. i think it’s so cool that it translates the same way in every language. there is no french word for hosanna, no russian or czech. it’s all just hosanna. no matter where God may take me in this world i will never have this word misunderstood when i speak it. and it will always mean “salvation is here!” i love that. and there’s a line in the pre-chorus of that song that struck me yesterday morning. “when we see You, we find strength to face the day”. it reminded me of my favorite hymn, great is Thy faithfulness. my favorite line in that song is “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”. it’s become a bit of a mantra in my life. that whatever comes before us, we have the promise that God gives us strength for the day at hand. maybe we’re always looking for the promise that God doles out strength months at a time. but He promises that His mercies are new daily, and that if we will face THIS day in His Spirit, that we will overcome it and move on to the next day. after the struggle i’d had with God on my drive to the church, a reminder like that was beautiful and welcomed. 

after that song, mandy miller (who was leading with us today) spoke and set up the next song which was “mighty to save”. she started telling an old testament story. one that i don’t remember learning ever. which always surprises me due to how much head knowledge was instilled in me in sunday school, vbs, christian school, bible drill, you get the picture. this was a story out of zechariah about a man named zerubbabel. (zechariah 4) zerubbabel was called to rebuild the temple, but soon realized that the job was bigger than he could take on. he was in over his head and overwhelmed. so a prophet came to him and told him the word of God. and it was this: “‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, What are you, O mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!” so as she was telling this story of God’s mightiness to save, i was dumbfounded and in awe of how God Himself ministers to us. how He TRULY always is and will be the God of all Comfort. it was powerful to sing out that He is mighty to save that morning. 

not to mention, it was fun singing with another chick. i don’t get to do that that often, and it was a good time. it’s fun to do because it challenges me to find parts that aren’t typical. and mandy has such a cool voice and such a beautiful spirit. it was one of the best sunday mornings i’ve had in a very long time. i encourage you to remember these simple truths as well. that our Savior, He can move the mountains in front of us and make them as level ground. that He will take us as He finds us with all our fears and failures. and… that there’s always ALWAYS a story or truth that is new about God’s word. no matter how much we think we know, God is good to do consistently new works in and around us. He can still surprise us no matter how much we think we have Him pegged!


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  1. Can I just thank you for this post?! I’m sitting at my computer feeling pretty desperate and in need of strength. I typed those song lyrics into google and up came your blog.

    I think I really needed to hear that God’s mercies are new every morning. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and I think God needs me to take this a day at a time. Do you ever feel as though you are trying to fix the whole world with a sticky plaster?

    Not my strength but his, not my “good ideas” but his vision, his plans, his way. He is SO mighty, I forget that sometimes while I scheme and plan.

    Thanks 🙂

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