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“i’ve been away…” -kathleen edwards

November 22, 2008

sorry i’ve been mia. there is much going on… i’ll fill you in on most of it soon. the rest? well, we all have our privacy don’t we? anyway. just didn’t want you to think i’d completely given up on the blog. i mean, who gives up on anything that easily? anyway… i’ll see you soon. i promise.


“much too young to feel this d@mn old…” -garth brooks

November 6, 2008

i’m going to complain for just a moment. bare with me please. but my body is shutting down on me. falling apart. there are the longstanding issues: bad knees, hips popping, serious lower back injury, blah blah blah.

now, here’s just a small glance into the last 2 weeks. since catalyst i have one toe, i know it’s really weird, that has been numb. won’t go away. the colder weather has brought on aches in my once broken foot. my back hurts so badly when i lay down at night that i can’t breathe for a moment. if i walk or stand for more than 15 minutes, my hips start screaming at me. i fell once while standing on my bed and impaled my right leg. i got food poisoning and threw up for a couple of days leaving me sore all over. overlapping that, i got a sinus infection with accompanying fever for 3 days. can’t breathe. chapped lips. no voice. sinus headaches. bad ones. fell AGAIN down half the stairs up to my loft. bruised same still injured right leg. fell YET AGAIN on my left arm yesterday afternoon and must have pinched a nerve or something because it’s still numb this morning. and that freaks me out. woke up today to rinse out my sinuses and heard a horrifying popping in both my ears accompanied by excruciating pain. lots of cussing. i need my ears. panic. called mom. going to a doctor. now more stopped up than ever in the sinuses, only add on top of it that i can’t hear and have pain in my ears. 

i’m 25 people. at this rate, i’ll never make it very far. i’m not kidding. i’m a wreck.


check out this article!

November 4, 2008

check this article out… written by derek webb. that guy we all either love to hate or love to love. either way… some interesting thoughts. yours?