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“someone will say what’s been said before…” -patty griffin

January 30, 2009

this isn’t profound by any means, but i figure blogs aren’t only for the exhaustingly profound. so be it interesting or not, here’s life as i see it these days…

it’s been incredible. i stopped working my 3 day a week job at buckhead. this is my second week not working there, and i’ve been busier than ever! with amazing things! there is so much in life to be done and seen. if you can freelance life… DO IT! i find that all those little moments of boredom and wasted time at my regular jobs are filled to the brim now.

yes, there’s been a little sleeping in. i love sleeping though. but not too much sleeping in, really. there’s been learning to play the guitar. i mean seriously learning. a lot of writing. i mean writing that i actually like. a lot of time spent downtown. yeah, my mondays are my everydays now. i take marta downtown and experience things. i’ve met new amazing people, spent great time with some of my favorite friends, worked out, spent time in the studio, traveled with friends to do shows, drank tea, gone to the library, laughed, sat in the park… you name it. i’ve started giving my friend, michael, voice lessons in return for him giving me guitar lessons. yesterday, i started a 12 week study of a book called “the artist’s way” with many of the most incredible musicians i’ve ever known at north point community church. i’ve started taking myself on “field trips” that i would have gone on had i grown up in atlanta. today, for instance, i went to the King Center and celebrated a man and a movement. i celebrated freedom, social change, justice, and love. 

ahead? people keep asking where i’m going to work now. or what i’m going to do. well… naturally, what i’ve been doing. a lot of music. i’m blessed to make money being a freelance musician. and there are a couple of other options on the horizon, to be honest. but i’m trying not to jump into something else that will take up my time because it feels like what i should do. because it’s what’s accepted, and people won’t look at me with that disapproval of my musician lifestyle. i’m trying to avoid filling time that i feel like i’m called to fill a different way.

i have 2 massive projects ahead of me. and i’m excited about both of them. they’re both very vulnerable and both very big dreams. and i’m ready to take them on. more on those to come in the future. 

all that to say this: life is good. life is great. life is busy. and i’ve decided to experience as much as humanly possibly in the big and little ways. GAW! seriously. if you don’t love what you do… STOP DOING IT! do what you love… pursue it. take a risk. i know, i know… what terrible advice in this economy. i’m still a child with much to learn. i don’t buy it. and you shouldn’t either…


“we shall be free…” -garth brooks

January 20, 2009

if you know me, you know i’m fairly obsessed with the idea of freedom. my own, of course, but also especially freedom of those who are oppressed. the tough girl inside me RAGES to see any ounce of injustice done to someone else. even to a silly point. i think i can go kick the shins of every bully, and truth be told, i would be ripped to shreds with the first swing of my boot! all that to say this… this white girl LOVES martin luther king jr. day. i love dr. king in general. i mean, dude, the king center itself is called “the king center for nonviolent social change”. the minute i heard that name, i wanted to be there. so what did i do today? celebrated! and what a great city to celebrate in!

as with every monday, i went downtown. but today was purpose-filled. there was a service summit at centennial park this morning and then i stood at the corner of luckie and auburn and waited with a bunch of people for the parade. so many people. and as i looked at all of them with their signs, beating on plastic buckets, their flags, their buttons, their t shirts, their pride… i saw more passion on that street corner than i’ve seen in church in a long time. passion for different reasons and causes. but the beauty of that street corner was that everyone had a voice. me, little whitey, could share in celebration of freedom, peace, love, and life with my brothers and sisters… most of which were definitely my brothas and my sistas! i couldn’t help but wish, all day long, that dr. king were still alive today. that he could tell us how he feels about his holiday. to address all that people do in his name these days. to remind us what his dream actually was. i heard 2 wildly prejudiced remarks today watching that AWESOME parade. remarks that made me realize that we don’t all come together in harmony simply because it’s martin luther king day. but that we fight for dr. king’s dream in so many ways, still, everyday. 

afterwards, i was going to meet a friend at the cnn building. i had some time to kill, it was still dusky but light outside and they were setting up for the inauguration tomorrow. i decided to sit on the lawn. there weren’t many people out and about, so i just sat and watched the tvs they had set up and thought about the day and tomorrow. i had talked to my mother earlier, who had reminisced about segregation and colored water fountains. i then prayed that i would see as much social change in my lifetime as she has seen in hers. wow. then pretty lady with a camera guy and a microphone walked up to me to ask me about being in the park tomorrow for the broadcast. woah. i told her that i felt this was an important election in our nation. not only because of what i had realized about social change, but because of where our nation stands these days. regardless of race, this next president is important and pivotal in our nation’s history. and that i wanted to experience that with people who felt the same hope that i do. long story, short… i was totally on the news. and they mispronounced my last name. and labeled me an “obama supporter” which i never told her. but i am one. you’ll never know who i voted for. my 10 year old nephew is the only one i’ve told. but you can always call me an “obama supporter”. he’s my president and i will choose to trust and respect him. give him the benefit of the doubt, my faith, and my hope. i will trust God and pray that He guides this man as he brings about an idealistic sort of change to our country. 

i went to the cnn building and ate dinner with my friend. while there, naturally, we watched coverage of all that is going on in our nation. and i saw a man, who i respect and would LOVE to meet one day, dr. cornell west. he said this… “dr. king did not want us to be colorblind, he wanted us to be love struck.” wow. all day long i wrote things down. things i never wanted to forget. and as much as i just wanted to crawl into bed when i got home, i knew i had to blog it before i forgot it. today is a big day. tomorrow is a big day. and i’m going to roll around in it. really wrap myself up and take in as much as possible. 

dr. king stood for change. he stood for love. he stood for justice. he stood for freedom. those are 4 words that i hope mark my own life. 4 words that i can only pray mark the life of my next president. i’m excited about tomorrow. about the next 4 years. i was excited today to see people who believe that change is possible and are willing to fight for it. i’m inspired. by so much. 

goodnight friends. tomorrow is a new day. and, at the very least, we can hope. and i love hope. and if there’s any time in any presidency when we have the most hope, it has to be inauguration day.


“so hard to say goodbye…” -the beatles

January 14, 2009

so this is my last week working at the preschool at buckhead church. bittersweet really. it’s good in many ways for me to leave that environment and venture out to “chase after my dreams”. but in a few ways, it’s gonna be tough. i’ll still be down there once a week to teach music classes, but it’s definitely a chapter closing. 

i. adore. those. kids. oh my gosh. i looked at each of them today and realized that they’re some of my favorite people in my life currently. i’ll miss getting to hear all the crazy cute things they say and be a part of all they will learn there. i love spending time with them and have loved really getting to know them. i can’t tell you how glad i am to still get to do music with them. that makes the transition so much better. ideal really. 

there are some co-workers i’ve really come to love down there too. i have really come to admire and love 3 women who are beautiful and strong as friends, women, wives, and mothers. i’ve been blessed to get to have them in my life. i’ll definitely miss that time with them. gonna have to stay intentional about seeing them on the day i’m down there every week. 

finally, i will miss the parents. i’ve really come to know and love the parents of these kids. each of them has become a great friend. these are adults who are not only cool peeps to chit chat with… these are people to seriously admire and look up to. i love each of them. 

here’s to another chapter closing, and a new one opening. hopefully this next one has a little more a adventure and a lot less fear of the unknown. a lot more stepping out and taking risks and a lot less playing it safe. i’ll keep you updated folks!


“when the tears fall, still i will sing to You…” -tim hughes

January 8, 2009

today was surreal. started at the doctor’s office which lasted, as always, longer than you expect. then work. LOVE those kids. around 4:15ish, a friend came to pick up her girls and told me that our friend rachel got a call about an hour earlier that her sister died suddenly and tragically. i went upstairs. i found her in carlos’ office with 3 other wonderful women. we sat and cried and laughed and listened and talked. rachel has been losing her sister for a while now. her sister has been an addict for a long time, but this last year has been especially bad. and more and more she has watched her sister disappear and the disease grow more prevalent. today’s call was on that she has been expecting on some level for the last few months. today is when the call came. and every time i read a blog post she would write or every time i heard another story about her sister, i told myself to share my own story. i’ve admired her strength as she would be so open on her blog and in her life about her sister’s position and her own heart in the matter. because, truth be told, i’m waiting for that call about my own brother. i won’t disclose everything in my blog, but i’ve been losing him for the last 8 years. i dare say that i’ve convinced myself that he’s lost. there are so many details that i won’t share. but rachel inspires me. as i drove her home today she started talking about how when we share our stories they have the opportunity to be used by God in other people’s lives. i completely agree. it was simply surreal to watch someone get the call i’m waiting for.

rachel has a lot of tough days ahead. i love this woman with so much of my heart. she’s a strong lady, but no strength prepares us for such tragic loss. please please please keep her in your prayers and in your thoughts. details and arrangements have yet to be made, but they’re assuming a funeral will be monday or tuesday in charlotte. this means traveling for both her and her parents. 

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.”