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“say what you need to say…” -john mayer

March 31, 2009

sometimes, i find, that the more words we use, the less we actually say, and the more is lost in translation. the more we explain. the more we defend. the less we listen… the less we actually communicate. we use too many words.


“i see pictures of people, rising up…” -peter gabriel

March 26, 2009

last month, i had the distinct privilege of working with an amazing local photographer, cat norman. did i mention she’s amazing? these are shots to be used in the near future for various projects. i’ll let her work speak for herself here.

cat’s incredible to work with. and, besides being insanely talented, i think that’s a high requisite for a photographer. if you need anything done at all, i would highly recommend cat. she’s a professional in every sense of the word and such an incredible woman! 

in case you missed it the first time, here’s her website.


“strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow…” -thomas chisholm

March 25, 2009

we all have stories. i have to remind myself of that so often. i find that when i’m drawn to dislike a person, if i will sit through their story, they become a real person to me. and i’m just not sure how to dislike a real person. it’s the stories i don’t yet know that are so easy to shrug off. this is probably exactly why i have no sympathy for drivers around me. surely they are just cars on the road, not real people with real celebrations, real questions, real complications, real hurt, real distractions. real stories. 

i have a story. it’s a wild one. one that some of you know, one that some of you don’t know. one that i’m not going to share here in this post. it’s a story filled with hurt and pain and loss, but because of those things it’s also filled with grace and rescue and faithfulness and freedom. 

on sunday morning, i was standing onstage doing a rehearsal before the services that day, and was suddenly struck by the words, “it’s time to write your story.” i’ve hesitated to do so for a long time now. that sentence has repeated itself in my heart since that morning. it’s time to write my story. that’s the first step to a project i’ve been calling “bright hope”. i can’t wait to let you in on more of it. 

stories. one thing about stories that i learned a long time ago is this: the worst part of your story is just as bad as the worse part of mine, because it’s the worst we’ve ever known. i need to be better about listening to and empathizing with the stories of the people around me. and to be careful not to compare them with my own. we are all blessed with stories that are filled with the faithfulness of God. i’m excited about sharing some of those with each other as this project gets underway in the days to come…


“it’s oh so quiet, shh, shh, shh…” -bjork

March 5, 2009

no talking until i wake up tomorrow morning. i’ve already typed my side of a conversation with my roommate. it’s been fairly easy so far, due to needing to read and study and stay home this morning AND due to the technology of texting, ichat, and email. BUT i ran around a couple of places today and it felt like i was in observation mode. and i paid a lot more attention to the sounds everyone and everything else around me made. it’s fascinating. i’m trying to regain my voice, but i’m finding my ability to listen and my desire to pay better attention. try it. i think i may do this more often.


“for the longest time” -billy joel

March 5, 2009

i’m not exactly sure how this week has gotten past me. for all intensive purposes, it’s already thursday. (though, i haven’t gone to sleep yet so i insist on it still being wednesday) all those things i needed to do this week have been pushed back and back. it’s all the little things that i was needing to be doing simultaneously alongside the actual events of the week. including reading, studying, and learning music. tomorrow. tomorrow is the big day to solidify those things. i’ve had a sinus infection turned ugly the past few weeks now. now? laryngitis to boot. tomorrow? no talking. seriously none. 

it snowed sunday. yeah, no joke. i mean really snowed. after the 3 services at browns bridge, when i typically would have fallen into a coma in my bed at home, i got dressed and took marta to candler park where i met holly. lots of bashing about in the snow. good fun. bad idea. sick. we slumber partied, because that’s what you do on a snow day. monday was amazing. lazy and beautiful. and full of playing and swinging on a swing set and speaking of woman type things in the park with 3 of the amazing Evans girls. monday night? slumber party part 2, this time including a fashion show and half of james dean. (the movie) tuesday? photo shoot with the amazing and talented cat norman. she’s incredible to work with and such a great gal! seriously, check her out! that was an all day and cold affair. and so much fun. complete with lunch at cafe di sol, coffee at san fran, and din din at my favorite figo. slumber party, part 3… finished off james dean. felt like i was vacationing at the Evans bed and breakfast. it’s been amazing.

today? holly and i drove up to alpharetta to pick up my car at the shop, while singing billy joel at the top of our lungs. we rattled off a list of songs that one could start in a group of musicians and have everyone claim parts and jump in immediately. (ie: for the longest time, duke of earl, ob la di, etc…)  then i had my artist’s way meeting at north point. then down to jarrett and jeanne’s for a fiesta and LOST! ole! seriously, can that show get any better??? and did i just say ole? 

tomorrow is a silent day. well, not really. it will be filled with music. but silent from me. no talking and most certainly no singing. i have to hop on a plane to texas EARLY on friday for a d-now in odessa. busy busy busy. but soooo wonderful. no matter what, i happen to love my life.