“walking on the beach, our toes in the sand…” -justin timberlake

May 22, 2008

i’m going to the beach. not just any beach. not the lake. not whatever they call the east coast. we’re talking gorgeous sugar white sand, crystal clear blue water, and the angels themselves on the GULF COAST. this is the best beach in the world, i am certain. granted, i am a little biased, having grown up there and all. (that was to make the rest of you jealous.) this is my home. there is no better feeling IN THE WORLD than to lay in the sun with the warmth on your skin and a slight breeze… ALL DAY. my best friend in the whole wide world, christina castelin, and some other chicks and i are going to panama city (that’s where christina grew up) to lay in the sun, eat seafood, and spend good quality time together. i cannot wait. it’s time to get away for a weekend. a real weekend. where i didn’t schedule anything on sunday so i don’t have to race back saturday night. we’re talking friday saturday sunday and coming home monday. PERFECTION! not to mention however many nostalgic trips to red bar we may or may not take. AHHHH! SO EXCITED!

jealous yet?



  1. Yes I am jealous, I want to go! H

  2. pray you have the most glorious sunsets that scream of His GLORY…no other place id rather be than with Him by the water…excited for you dear friend, rest and enjoy!

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