i love Jesus Christ with all that i am. He’s not only my everything, He’s my only thing. i am mad in my passions and love to meet people who are organized in theirs. the ideas of justice, love, grace, freedom, and compassion have forever and actively changed my life. i lead worship with all my heart and all my voice. i have a black goldfish named johnny cash. i hum off-key when i’m nervous. i always get nervous when i give blood and when i jump out of airplanes. i can touch my tongue to my nose and fit my whole fist in my mouth. i like to listen to stevie wonder or otis redding when i cook. i always make a slight mess when i cook. i cook a lot. when wearing white, it is inevitable that i will spill coffee or diet coke on myself. i wear a lot of white. when wearing black, chances are you just can’t see the spills, nonetheless they are there. i wear a lot of black. my 8 year old nephew, wesley, is my hero, due to his ardor, innocence, and faith. children amaze me. it doesn’t take much to make me laugh. i love to laugh. a good joke or a good story will get me going for hours. i dance and sing loudly when no one is around… who am i kidding, i have no shame, i do that in public. i cry at sappy movies. i’m a cuddler/hugger from way back. i kind of think tom cruise has lost his mind. i can fix a flat tire in 10 minutes… in the rain… but i don’t want to. i’m a sucker for a good book and a good conversation. sunday afternoon is my favorite time of the entire week. i love to sit in a local coffee shop, pretend to read, and watch people. i am a mac person in a pc family. i love great denim, great t shirts, and great shoes. i go to the art museum as often as i can. i play the piano when everyone goes to bed. and i live to actively pursue becoming the person i intend to be. and as cool as he is, i worry that we love and need bono so much, because most of us aren’t willing to step up and be him.



  1. D! I need you 🙂 What’s your cell, email, etc. Looking for someone to love on Coltan Monday night.
    PS – you are super cool.

  2. oh yeah…amber.blossom@buckheadchurch.org

  3. Hope you’re doing well!

    You’ve been tagged! Go to my blog for details:)


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