“i love to laugh, loud and long and clear…” -dude from mary poppins

April 6, 2009

there’s not much i love more, in life, than funny things. you too? i mean, i’m committed to not missing funny things. i always have my ear open, during conversations, to whatever else funny could be said in the room at any moment. (i apologize if i’m ever in a conversation with you and start laughing at something someone else said across the room) i HATE, ABHOR, DESPISE missing funny things. there are a few people that i listen out for specifically. here are 2 of them, quickly…

tripp crosby and david robertson

both comedic genius, if you ask me. david has a dry humor that is so simple it’s complex. which i live for. tripp knows exactly what’s is and is not truly funny, and somehow recycles it into something that can make me laugh for hours. 

i cherish each of these dudes for other reasons, too; but today, it’s because they are funny. read their blogs, laugh, bookmark them, laugh again tomorrow. thank me later…


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