“i’m making a new life for myself…” -griffin house

February 20, 2009

it’s friday. i slept in. without shame. i got up, went to the bank, got gas, and came to octane to meet the ever-fabulous emily matthews. i love this joint. is it your cliche artsy coffee bar where the “cool” people hang out? yes. but i still like it. without shame. i’ve been here since 2:30 and have no real plans of leaving yet. we’ll see what comes along. 

i’ve been making lists all day, laughing with emily, checking facebook every 3 minutes as though i hadn’t done it all day, and watched fascinating people. i swear the oldest hanson brother has been here as long as i have sitting at the bar. and jared hamilton’s twin brother works here. i had the best grilled cheese sangwich with goat cheese, swiss cheese, onions, and dijon. and the best latte in town. 

i know i keep talking about it, but there are new things afoot in life for me. 3 goals in particular. and i’m not scared to tell you what they are…

1) music project… this is the most forefront and active goal, currently. i’m currently writing a lot for an album. yeah, mine. some will say “about time”, others will say “really”, some “duh”, others “you think that’s smart?” and still others will say “why?”. to all of you, i have no answers. i do too, that’s a lie. call me if you really want one of them. now may not be the time to chase your dreams, economically. but doesn’t that mean that those of us who have now get jipped? we better do it anyway, because we don’t get another now. i’m really excited about this project, but not interested in rushing it. we’ll see how it all comes together! stay tuned!

2) life.liberty.rockandroll. i want to start an organization. too much to explain now. but i’m in the process of meeting with a lot of people and brainstorming and making a million lists about starting an organization to raise money to stop the human trafficking issue here in atlanta AND to bring the local music community together. it’s a sad excuse for a community and we need to do something about both these issues! 

3) Bright Hope. a book… i know, you may laugh, but i want to write a book. honestly, i want to compile a book. more to come on that. i’ve gotten some great encouragement and ideas from a few GREAT writing friends of mine. 

i’m pretty excited about all that’s to come. my favorite 2 words in life “we’ll see”. keeps coming out of my mouth. because let’s be honest, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. best to see how it all unfolds rather than try to plan every turn. 

what are you doing these days???



  1. wow! neat stuff in your world! so proud of you and so excited for you! i’ll be praying that these ideas catch some air and fly! it sounds like God’s been doing some big time inspiring in your sweet soul!

    miss you rockachic!


  2. Wow!! So excited for you! One day I’ll be able to say, “I knew her way back when – in fact, she took care of my baby girl!” 🙂

    Keep us posted – all so exciting! (And I’m especially interested in your organization idea. I’ve been passionate about human trafficking for a while now. Love IJM and Gary Haugen.)

  3. That sounds AWESOME! I would DEFINITELY buy your album and book and help in your organization when the time comes. I too have LOTS of things I want to do but so far my mindset of “you can’t really do that” is still holding me back from things. But we are working on that. For now I am studying the word and trying to get clear guidance from God and what He wants me to do, which is so hard sometimes to figure out. Good luck with everything! I am sure you will do GREAT!

  4. If you want da’plug, ya gotta tell me where to meet ya! Email me!

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