“oh, watch me go…” -martina mcbride

February 3, 2009

today was field trip day. i went to the oakland cemetery. wow. there’s a crazy amount of history there and so much to ponder. it’s a peaceful place. naturally. not as creepy as i had wondered if it would be. as i walked the upturned and broken brick walkways, the idea of life inevitably came up. not so much death, but more life. did you know… that there are over 70,000 people buried in that cemetery? about half of them are children. many of them are unknown soldiers from the civil war. margaret mitchell is there, bobby jones is there… i could go on with what i learned today, but i won’t bore you. plus… you should go learn it for yourself. fascinating. 

truth be told, i’m a happy happy lady these days. truly. if you know, even if you don’t… i’ve had a rough go of things this past winter. haven’t we all? but i feel like i was set free from a few things in life, some i set myself free from some i was released from. and these days, i simply feel liberation and freedom to do whatever i want. whatever i desire. and whatever i value. and so in focusing on answering the questions of what i truly want, desire, and value; i find myself valuing life. naturally. and pursuing healthy things in my own life. that includes physical, emotional, and psychological health. i’ve surrounded myself with honestly the most incredible people i could find, been writing a lot, been learning new things everyday like the guitar and history and anything else i can, been dancing in my living room and kitchen more, been engaging my own creativity in new ways, and been actively pursuing the big things i’ve always wanted to do with my life. 

God is teaching me so many things lately. so many things about myself and about Him. about what true happiness is and how simple life can be. how invigorating it can be. how empowered we truly already are. how to love the less than lovable by learning their stories. 

and i love it. i love finally pouring into myself and then turning around to pour into the people around me. i’ve got 3 major goals for life. i’ll venture out and share them soon i’m sure. they’re still a little fragile and vulnerable as it is, but they have huge potential. i find that not only do i WANT to do big things with my life, i’m READY to do big things with my life. now i need to find big minds to help me make that happen… interested?


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