“someone will say what’s been said before…” -patty griffin

January 30, 2009

this isn’t profound by any means, but i figure blogs aren’t only for the exhaustingly profound. so be it interesting or not, here’s life as i see it these days…

it’s been incredible. i stopped working my 3 day a week job at buckhead. this is my second week not working there, and i’ve been busier than ever! with amazing things! there is so much in life to be done and seen. if you can freelance life… DO IT! i find that all those little moments of boredom and wasted time at my regular jobs are filled to the brim now.

yes, there’s been a little sleeping in. i love sleeping though. but not too much sleeping in, really. there’s been learning to play the guitar. i mean seriously learning. a lot of writing. i mean writing that i actually like. a lot of time spent downtown. yeah, my mondays are my everydays now. i take marta downtown and experience things. i’ve met new amazing people, spent great time with some of my favorite friends, worked out, spent time in the studio, traveled with friends to do shows, drank tea, gone to the library, laughed, sat in the park… you name it. i’ve started giving my friend, michael, voice lessons in return for him giving me guitar lessons. yesterday, i started a 12 week study of a book called “the artist’s way” with many of the most incredible musicians i’ve ever known at north point community church. i’ve started taking myself on “field trips” that i would have gone on had i grown up in atlanta. today, for instance, i went to the King Center and celebrated a man and a movement. i celebrated freedom, social change, justice, and love. 

ahead? people keep asking where i’m going to work now. or what i’m going to do. well… naturally, what i’ve been doing. a lot of music. i’m blessed to make money being a freelance musician. and there are a couple of other options on the horizon, to be honest. but i’m trying not to jump into something else that will take up my time because it feels like what i should do. because it’s what’s accepted, and people won’t look at me with that disapproval of my musician lifestyle. i’m trying to avoid filling time that i feel like i’m called to fill a different way.

i have 2 massive projects ahead of me. and i’m excited about both of them. they’re both very vulnerable and both very big dreams. and i’m ready to take them on. more on those to come in the future. 

all that to say this: life is good. life is great. life is busy. and i’ve decided to experience as much as humanly possibly in the big and little ways. GAW! seriously. if you don’t love what you do… STOP DOING IT! do what you love… pursue it. take a risk. i know, i know… what terrible advice in this economy. i’m still a child with much to learn. i don’t buy it. and you shouldn’t either…



  1. Deeds, you are amazing. Follow your dreams. When you are older, you won’t regret it. You’re my hero! Funny that I’m old enough to be your mom. LOL. I love you girl!! Debbie

  2. Praying for you! And happy for you for following your DREAM! 🙂

  3. Any reference to Patty immediately catches my eye and my heart.

    This is my favorite sentence – one I’ll chew on for a minute or two: “i’m trying to avoid filling time that i feel like i’m called to fill a different way.”

    Hmmmm . . .

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