“so hard to say goodbye…” -the beatles

January 14, 2009

so this is my last week working at the preschool at buckhead church. bittersweet really. it’s good in many ways for me to leave that environment and venture out to “chase after my dreams”. but in a few ways, it’s gonna be tough. i’ll still be down there once a week to teach music classes, but it’s definitely a chapter closing. 

i. adore. those. kids. oh my gosh. i looked at each of them today and realized that they’re some of my favorite people in my life currently. i’ll miss getting to hear all the crazy cute things they say and be a part of all they will learn there. i love spending time with them and have loved really getting to know them. i can’t tell you how glad i am to still get to do music with them. that makes the transition so much better. ideal really. 

there are some co-workers i’ve really come to love down there too. i have really come to admire and love 3 women who are beautiful and strong as friends, women, wives, and mothers. i’ve been blessed to get to have them in my life. i’ll definitely miss that time with them. gonna have to stay intentional about seeing them on the day i’m down there every week. 

finally, i will miss the parents. i’ve really come to know and love the parents of these kids. each of them has become a great friend. these are adults who are not only cool peeps to chit chat with… these are people to seriously admire and look up to. i love each of them. 

here’s to another chapter closing, and a new one opening. hopefully this next one has a little more a adventure and a lot less fear of the unknown. a lot more stepping out and taking risks and a lot less playing it safe. i’ll keep you updated folks!



  1. What ?!!?!! Boooooo.
    I’m teasing. We’ll miss you, but wish you great success in doing what you do. I can always stalk your babysitting availability : )


  2. Hey girl, we didn’t get a chance to chat much since I so rarely drop off/pick up Amelia, but I just wanted to say that I know you will be missed for sure! Not sure what dreams you’re off to pursue (but assuming they’re musical in nature?), but I wish you all the best! Thanks for taking such great care of our little gal. It means so much to me that all her teachers seem to love her so well – makes it much easier for me to leave her (although of course, it’s never fun for me!). God bless!

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