“i was almost honest…” -josh kelley

October 31, 2008

i take great pride this year, that not one single person truly has any idea who i am voting for. there are pros and cons to every side. truth be told, none of us truly know everything we need to know when it comes to making a decision for a candidate. if this year’s ballot was a multiple choice math test i would choose d) not enough information. if you believe you know everything about your candidate and what he will do for the country, you are flat out wrong. anything is possible, and everyone is corrupt. i don’t like arguing politics as much as some do. i said arguing. i’ll talk about it if you’re willing to truly discuss. but if you hold firmly to one side and refuse to see the possibilities in any other side, i’m probably not going to get into it with you. at worst, i may play devil’s advocate and just plain piss you off. i shouldn’t do that as much as i do. 

truth is, there are things about each candidate that are corrupt and contrary to what everyone believes is right. let’s be honest with ourselves about our choices, at least, and not paint ourselves heroes who can never live up to our expectations. 

no one knows where i stand politically, and it’s not because i don’t stand somewhere. but i’m no extremist. i recognize that my ideals in one area won’t match my ideals in others. so taking things issue by issue is the way to go i think. but it’s what I think. the beauty of this country is that we are all allowed to think. and what’s more is that we are all allowed to put those thoughts into action in civil ways. 

i’ve been humored to sit back and chuckle at the folks who have so much to say lately. the people who are so adamantly for or against one candidate or another. is that arrogant? i sure hope not. and i apologize if it is. i’m a realist more than i’d like to be, but at some point i had to grow up. i tried being an idealist in every scenario and it just doesn’t work. it’s simply not right in a lot of situations. politics being one of them. politics as we know it are not very Biblical. being in the south, i’m simply tickled at the outspoken ones. and i’ve chosen to keep my peace. to not argue everyone. because the truth is, i don’t know everything. that’s my point. you don’t know everything. we don’t know everything. and everyone’s adamant arguments can be brought down by mere statements. i know how to discredit any of the candidates to even the most ardent supporter. it’s far too easy this year. even outside the 2 main candidates. 

i love donald miller’s statements when grilled about why he accepted the request to PRAY at the dnc this year. he spoke of party unity. he spoke of simplicity. he said “when someone asks you to pray, you pray.” election years are funny. awarenesses and fears are heightened. everyone waits for a bomb to drop on election day, and yet, we’re all still here. and it may not be perfect, but let’s face it. we have MORE than what we need. MUCH MUCH MORE. gas prices may be high but we have gas and we have cars and we can take them wherever we want to. 

bottom line. take a chill pill folks. it’s important, yes. very important. highly important. but let’s try to bring our voices down a notch and realize that it’s simpler and less extreme than we’re making it out to be. the beauty of voting, to me, is the unity of states exercising their freedom. not the pitting against of red verses blue versus purple verses right verses left verses far far right. republican, democrat, libertarian… let’s chill and remember to see each other without our little voter buttons on. eh?



  1. Hey girl, this is Julie – Amelia’s mom. 🙂 I found your blog from Natalie’s a while back. I love what you have to say in your blog, and as a musician, I love the way you think and write. I had to comment on this post especially though because I feel like you were looking into my soul as you wrote it! I feel the exact same way. Except, not only does no one know how I’m going to vote, *I* don’t even know who I’m going to vote for yet. I think I’m the last undecided vote. I’ve decided to stop looking at anything political this weekend and instead I’m just going to pray. Hopefully I’ll have a peace by Tuesday! Anyway, just wanted to say I totally get this!

  2. oh amen, sista. aaaaaaaaaa men.

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