“take those old records off the shelf…” -bob seger

October 30, 2008

alright. so i went to listen to an album a little while ago. kathleen edwards “failer”. apparently i haven’t listened to it in a while because it’s not in the ole itunes library. there’s a white cardboard box stuffed full of cds. it’s a box i always glance over and never think twice about. it’s a box i keep saying, “i just need to throw it out but i just can’t bring myself to.” 

so i thought, hey, i’m not sleeping. might as well go through that old box and find the cd. wow. if you have your old cds, i would encourage you to take a walk down that memory lane sometime soon. something about seeing the physical cd you first listened to some of this stuff on is inspiring. i know. it’s a cd. not even vinyl. but seeing the cd art on some of those discs took to another time altogether. going through those also, however, drove me to repentance for spending my money on some of them in the first place. 

anyway, it was an amazing time. unexpected, but amazing. do it. seriously. think i may even do an art project with some of them. oh, needless to say. i found kathleen edwards “back to me” in disc form and kathleen edwards “failer” in jewel case form. but no “failer” disc, sadly. of course. boo. suppose i’ll try to sleep again now.


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