“when you say nothing at all…” -overstreet and shlitz

October 26, 2008

it’s almost 2 in the morning. seems a lot of my posts are about not being able to sleep. especially in moments when i really do need to sleep. tonight is no different. but i’ve been yucky for the last couple of days so i’ve dozed in and out of consciousness. now my sleep schedule is all off. though i did get out for a bit last night and today. jack and i went to piedmont park today to spend some good quality time in the cool fresh air. 

either way… here i am awake on a saturday night when i have to be up in about 3 hours. i’ve been cuddling with jack and watching old movies. then i started listening in on my music for tomorrow morning. really trying to study how insanely off i am on our rehearsal cd, and the original versions of these songs. trying to study kristian’s voice a little more to try to sing as best i can with him. so i started thinking. i love singing on sunday mornings. i’m especially excited to be doing a little stevie wonder with the great jamie and joni portee. don’t know who they are? google that junk. but aside from that, i always get a little bummed when there are only 2 worship tunes for the morning. that’s the case for tomorrow. do i believe the Holy Spirit will be present and can use those 2 songs in a powerful way? absolutely. do i fully believe that people will have completely prepared their hearts on their way in and will rock and roll right out of the gates? that’s tough to say. i even asked myself a question about the importance of an opener if worship songs are what’s up for trade. no matter how excited i am to do said opener or how great it will be. either way though… it began me searching for some Truth that would motivate those 2 songs for me. for us. 

like many many many times, i was brought to one of my FAVORITE passages. it’s the first few verses of ecclesiastes 5. i remember when i first understood this passage in high school. louie giglio did a talk about it, and i have strived to live by it ever since. but a certain few words stood out tonight upon reading it. they’ve stood out before but in a different way tonight. the second verse is this: “Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.”

that works. i seem to have so many words. i seem to desire so many words. i seem to feel that i deserve so many words when i worship. i’m reminded of one of my journalism classes. the whole class revolved around this one exercise of concise writing. write a page. make it a paragraph. make it 3 sentences. that’s what i feel tomorrow morning will be for many. when it comes to singing anyway. doesn’t mean we’re saying less, we just have to stand in awe of God and LET our words be few. allow them to be few. surrender them to be few. my prayer for the next few hours is that the people who will be involved in those specific worship services will utter the few words we have without haste but with reverence, joy, and truth.


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