“i’m not sleeping anymore… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 am…” -counting crows

October 23, 2008

so here i sit. you’re up early, you might be thinking. no i’m not. i’m up late. i came home tonight wiped clean from a loooong day. talked to my roommate, annette, for a while and then around 9:30 i fell deeply asleep. until 12:30 am. 12:33 to be exact. i woke up. i didn’t just wake up in a daze and fall back asleep grateful that it wasn’t time to get up yet. i woke up fiercely. my body said “no more sleeping!” i got up, went downstairs and sat on my computer for a while. not literally but you know what i mean. my ichat status was, appropriately, “i should be asleep”. my buddy steve agreed with me. oddly enough, i had some good conversations during that time. talked to a few folks i haven’t talked to in a while. laughed. all because i was sitting online at one in the morning. there’s always an up-side, i say. that would be it for me. the down side, or part of it anyway, would be that i haven’t slept but 3 hours. that’s a nap my friends. a nap. i’ve taken a nap. and at this point, i figure, might as well embrace it. don’t have to boot camp it today. it’s thursday. the one day i get to sleep in a little and i’m awake. beautiful eh? 

i guess i really don’t have much to say tonight. today. whatever. i am, however, excited about my day tomorrow. i’ll get up (no i won’t. i’m up now), go to buckhead church to hang out with kids for the day, go home, get jack (jack’s a dog), hop on marta, go to centennial park to read and people watch, then later head to velvet underground to see some folks lay down good music, and hopefully spend good time with my friend holly. not that one, another one. love that gal! 

it’s going to be a good day, i already know. there are many things i keep thinking “i’ll blog that”. haven’t done it. so here’s the laundry list of things that i’ll probably never blog about… just to catch you up.

-ryan adams concert. great seats. 5 bucks. about 10 songs in he bailed on the rest of the 22 song set.

-ponder’s wedding. so great. so much fun. lots of singing and laughing. and cake. 

-the death of rock and roll. still may be provoked in later blogs. especially if certain kids keep talking about music the way they have been in recent greenrooms.

-felicity. yeah i started again. call me a junkie. i don’t care. 

that’s about it i guess. i’m realizing lately that my life is insanely simple and yet so busy. guess that’s the way it should be. when i’m asked “so what are you doing these days?” really all i have to say is, “i’m singing a lot, working a few days a week at buckhead church, trying to write as much as possible, and spending time with friends.” so. lots of that. which isn’t really a bad way to do life if you ask me. my side job truly is a side job, and i love knowing that music is, once again and finally, my main focus. God’s so good to me to let that be my life. i can only pray i’m a good steward of it and continue to pursue it with all my heart. 

this post feels highly discombobulated. yeah. that’s a real word. and yeah. i spelled it correctly. what? maybe that has to do with the fact that i woke up for the day SIX HOURS AGO!!! who can know. hope your day is great and that you’re well rested! one of us should be.



  1. i was one of those people.

  2. yes. yes you were.

  3. I think it’s really nothing to be concerned about…………..you know that “death of rock-n-roll” thing? If you are basing your concerns on conversations in church green rooms, breathe easy my young friend!!

    The church green room is provided to talk of designer jeans & angular haircuts, eat fatting food and sweets, compare boutique guitar amps and accessories, show off new Apple products recently purchased, and discuss how many months or years is acceptable to write worship songs in the vain of what is popular now. That is, of course, excluding U2 and Coldplay!!

    Rock-n-roll is alive and well. It can be found in local music venues where typically 20 people attend. Some of these rock-n-roll bands wish they visited church green rooms more often, because then the powers that be would say “Jesus wants you to go see this band. Bring friends………..lots of them.” And the young people connected to said green room/church will attend and like the music a lot. Unfortunetly the next time they hear original rock-n-roll, they will be confused because if the band was not discussed in the green room, they will resort back to only enjoying music they have heard before. You know……….like Brown Eyed Girl. Said rock-n-roll band may be scraggly or look a little scary and this will confuse the youngsters even more. For they are used to shiny shirts and Goodsell amps and 3 song “sets”. Little do they know that some of those undesirables love Jesus too!!

    So…………real, live rock-n-roll performed by some guys down with the Lord?!! Wow!! You can find it. Just look. Anywhere but that damn green room. OK?!

    Love, Jonny In The Know

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