“regrets, regrets…” -ben folds five

October 12, 2008

not that i could have really changed it much, but there is a realization had once i catch my breath from catalyst week… and i just had it for this year. 

it seems like a regret, though i’m not sure how i could have done things differently. it’s like the dust settles and i finally see all the people i wish i’d spent more quality time with rather than just running to and from. having met some of the most incredible and interesting people of my life, and not taken more from my interaction with them. the intentional conversations and adventures i would have loved to have with people who came and went for that week alone. bummer. it’s the realization that i want those opportunities back. in another time and another place. what to do about it, though? maybe there’s a way to hunt those moments down. maybe there’s not. but, as always, it reminds me to be intentional and open eyed about the interruptions that come my way. hope i remember that when it’s in front of my face. that’s it and that’s all.


One comment

  1. whenever i think about trying to spend time with people i care about (that i don’t spend much time with) i get kinda stressed out. i feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.

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