“i don’t like mondays…” -ron sexsmith

October 12, 2008

ok. that’s a lie. i LOVE mondays. there are a million reasons why. since i work at the preschool 3 days a week, hang with the fee boys on fridays, and sing sing sing on sundays, i make sure mondays are beautiful. they usually involve a little sleeping in. other than that, they could include a park day, writing day, lunch or breakfast with someone i don’t get to see often, reading, running errands, the occasional cleaning… 

tomorrow is no different. i recovered all day yesterday and sang all day today. tomorrow, my plan is to go to “the guys'” house for a bit, catch a sneak peek at the mastered new unhindered album, and writing in front of one of their 3 pianos for a bit. then… i plan to go to centennial park. i love it there. i love taking marta to peachtree center, walking through downtown to the park, and laying down with a book. ESPECIALLY in the fall weather. gonna soak it up til it gets way too cold! i find myself so fascinated with the people in the park. i have great conversations at times, and overhear the greatest things! so, chances are, that’s where i’ll be found tomorrow, if you need me. excited about that. join me if you like!


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