“i’m so tired. i haven’t slept a wink.” -the beatles

October 11, 2008

sorry i’ve been a bit mia. it’s been catalyst week. for those of you who know, that means i had to “go dark” for a good 5 days. think i may have managed to neglect quite a few people and things this week. sorry about that. 

the week was great, long, tiring, and surprising. very little sleep. i mean that. we’re talking 5 hours being the most i got in one night. 1.5 being the least. so much walking/running around. i realized that i have the most bizarre conversations of the whole year in this one week. “where are you?” “i’m behind the elephant.” “what time do i need to be on the catwalk?” “will you take this check to the bagpiper? he’s by the giant ball of floam.” “park by the ‘bring the zoo to you’ truck.” and so on and so forth. catalyst is well defined as a three ring circus. it’s generally a good time. at least, i hope that’s what the 12,000 attendees think. 

one thing i love about catalyst, though, is that it’s one place where so many people i love come together to make something big happen. it’s extremely rare to get, in one building, so many great musicians, artists, creative minds, friends, and family. it was great to get to interface with people i love, many i rarely get to see. and the new people! i LURV getting to meet and love new people every year at catalyst. the daraja children’s choir, the guys and sweet gal from roov.com, jamie tworkowski, chris kim, jon foreman, kerry balltzglier, daley hake, elias shelton, jon acuff, judy the elephant… the list goes on. new friends are good things. i like it.

but moreover… i hope the people who attend catalyst walk away changed. and i don’t mean that the way we Christians are always throwing that word out. i mean rocked. i mean shaken. i mean changed. i hope and pray that they didn’t go home talking about the show we put on. i hope that the heart of catalyst shines through all the lights and the music and the freak shows and the production. i pray that people have started to use up some of the space they reserve for worrying about themselves for worrying about others around them and around the world. i can only pray that we made some sort of difference in the way we worked. that people went home with more new questions than answers. 

the catalyst team made up of some of the coolest folks i have ever met. and it’s so good to get to be a part of that team, still, from time to time. if i could hear someone use one word to describe catalyst 2008, i would want it to be “provoking”.  

i’ve spent the day recovering. slept in, laid on the couch with an aching back, taken cat naps, watched movies. strange to think it’s over. and that it was only a week. i feel like i’ve been at the gwinnett arena and hiding from my normal everyday life for about a month. tomorrow i’ll be found singing at buckhead church. 

i had fun this week. bottom line. it was so great to share with such beautiful people. and good friends. good to see people i haven’t seen in a while. so much laughing. and that’s something that truly counts for something in my book.


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