“i wish that this weather would never leave…” -adam duritz (counting crows)

October 2, 2008

so, adam duritz, poet that he is, said something tonight at the counting crows show that i’m trying to process a bit. got me thinking a bit. he was talking about the song “miami”, a personal favorite of theirs. he was setting the stage of waiting for a woman he loved at the time to return home. he was sitting at the airport watching planes come in and realized that, though he loved this girl and was happy to have her coming home at that moment, he knew that he would eventually give her up. he would eventually “throw her away” and mess the whole thing up. he described sitting in that airport realizing that he had everything in one hand and, at the same time, nothing in the other. his conclusion was that in life, we have to come to terms with having everything and nothing at the same time. hmm. i guarantee you he said it in a much more emotional, epiphanal, and poet way than i just did. 

but it got me thinking about a thought i had just the other day. it’s fall. no shock there. it’s perfect outside, i think you’d agree. fall never stays for long. even though it seems that it’s what the weather has been aspiring to all year. even though mother nature seems to have reached her peak, her goal of perfection right around the beginning of october. so why doesn’t it ever stop there? so then i thought a bit further. we strive and strive for the perfect circumstances. everyday. big ones. small ones. we work to get our hair just right or our sound perfect or our finances in perfect order, and so on and so forth. and then, we’re always surprised and disappointed when the pendulum continues to swing back. shocked that upon reaching perfection, nothing stops. and what’s past perfection? disappointment, i say. at least a little. it’s that same feeling of reading to finish a long book, and upon completion, not feeling quite as satisfied as we thought we would. so perhaps, i submit, the idea is what we love, not the actual act. like the age 24. i felt it was the perfect age. did that stop me from turning 25? no. what does that mean? i’m not sure, but i suppose all we can do is truly soak in every second of 24, or every second of fall, or every page of that book. every moment things seem just right. because nothing stays still. everything moves in one direction or another, and if we’re satisfied or feel we’ve reached the peak of anything… we have nowhere to go but back down to start all over. 

not sure what all that truly means, but something i’m just processing these days. thoughts?

ps… the show? pretty good. i was definitely reminded of why i claim counting crows as one of my favorites… and one of my favorite shows to see. maroon 5? not all bad either. adam levine has a pretty great voice, but his band is above and beyond him. kinda stole his spotlight for sure. note to self: make sure your band is good enough to make you look better, but not so good that it makes you look inadequate. the more you know…


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