“had a bad day again…” -fuel

September 30, 2008

i wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “fuel fan”. but for whatever reason, since i was a senior in high school, i have played this song about as loudly as possible when i’m driving if i’m actually having a bad day. cliche much? movie soundtrack moment? i know. and for the cheesy predictability, i am deeply apologetic. but it seems to work. i had a LOT of bad days that year. there were a lot of songs i listened to loudly while driving my car about as fast as i could. those days are past, but for some reason, i still listen to this one when i’m pissed off about a day i’ve had. 

i had a genuinely bad day today. for many reasons. reasons i won’t go into detail about here, because they’re mostly minute and silly. it was just one of those days where everything happened the wrong way… down to the code red grade a cuss word i used at the hole in my 900 pound grocery bag that was dropping canned goods all the way to the top floor of my apartment building. so i reasoned with myself that if a day can be this bad, then i should hole up in my apartment and not leave the rest of the evening. i should go to bed early and hope that when i wake up, murphey’s law would have found someone else to torture for the time being. 

i was reminded today of a statement a friend said about a year ago though. he told another friend that i reminded him of someone. not necessarily for all the amazing and complimentary reasons… but because it seems a black cloud of bad luck follows me wherever i go. how encouraging is that? and on days like this, i’m reminded of that statement. at the risk of sounding a bit dramatic… someone tell me i don’t have a black cloud over my head. anyone? jeepers creepers.


One comment

  1. I don’t think you have a black cloud over your head and trust me i’m just trying kiss up. I think you are a very inspiring person well at least to me you are. By the way I think your gorgeous I just love your eyes!

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