“i’m tired and i want to go to bed…” -the smiths

September 28, 2008

few random thoughts before i make another attempt to sleep. can’t sleep. what’s new? it’s saturday night and i have to be up at 5:30 to leave the house at 6 for a 6:45 call time. alright here goes… in no particular order:

– seminoles won today. that’s good. great actually. they looked great. give me hope again. that 94 yard touchdown kinda did my heart good.

– i bought boots. no no. these are kick-ace boots (i don’t cuss in my blogs, my mom might see). i may never wear any other shoe ever again. except my red patty griffin heels. but that’s it. and maybe my flops if i’m going to the beach. but other than that, these boots are it now for the rest of time. 

– i start bootcamp on monday. yeah, that’s right. i’m paying people to kick my butt into shape at 6 am everyday and tell me what i can and cannot eat and drink. for a month. but here’s to hoping it works. something has to. 

– i have a curse. i’m sure i have many. this is just one. i will love a song so much that i will listen to it on repeat over and over and over and over… you get the picture. then i will love that song so much that it inspires me to write. so i sit down to write, and what comes out? that song. i think i like it and then i really listen to it and realize i’ve just ripped off whatever song i’ve deeply embedded into my head. today? patty of course. man oh man oh man. 

– what else do i have for you? there’s plenty to talk about, but i’m so sure i’m going to talk about it in blog world. talk amongst yourselves.


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  1. take luck monday morning!!!

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