“give me something to believe in…” -poison

September 25, 2008

catalyst. i actually really believe in catalyst. for those of you who may not know, catalyst is a conference for next generation church leaders. it’s held every year in october and it’s a 3 ring circus on top of a lot of challenging and new ways of thinking about how we “do church”. yeah, some pretty big names come out to speak and lead worship and entertain and pull out all the stops. but more than that, i believe in catalyst because it’s a place where lives are changed. and these lives are lives of people who go home and influence the lives of other people. i truly genuinely am convinced that little and big revolutions get their starts at this conference every year. the face of this world and its culture is ever changing. knowing that fact, catalyst is ever pushing the envelope to not only keep up but to be innovators and at the helm of how to reach people in ways no one else is reaching people. 

upon moving to atlanta, i had the distinct honor of working with and for catalyst, while working for Injoy. not for the week, but every day. i have loved getting to be a part of creative meetings, podcasts, brainstorming, paperwork, the conference itself, and even data management. though the paperwork and the management aren’t so much my style, if you know me well! it is still an honor to have been any part of it. no joke, every year, catalyst does things that i’ve never thought of. things that blow me away and astound me. things that make me dedicate myself to it again the next year no matter what. the people who work for catalyst are such impressive people to me. people who i admire greatly. people whose hearts are beating to show our world who Jesus Christ truly is. 

this is my first year not being on staff with catalyst. but i’m excited to have been a small part in the creative process so far and can’t wait to see how it all comes together. i’ve been asked to help the catalyst team out this year, and am so excited about the week. if you’re planning to attend this year, come find me! somehow! let’s start praying that this year kicks ace… yet again. that leaders come in drained and leave energized. that they come open and willing to learn, and they leave with encouragement to challenge the process. that they come with their ideas of what church should look like, and they leave with those ideas stripped and questioned. 

the conference is the second week of october… can’t wait! did i mention that not only is this week one of the most incredible weeks of the year, but it’s honestly one of the most fun weeks of the year. so exhausting and yet so ridiculous!


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