“i’ve got a song to sing on this normal day. september 22.” -nathan angelo

September 22, 2008

so a friend of mine penned a song a while back about a random normal day. it’s called september 22. so you don’t have to do the math, that’s today. naturally, had to listen to it a few times today. i told a friend that it’s like day of the week underwear. if it’s wednesday, and your wednesday underwear is in the drawer, you just kinda have to wear it. so it goes with a song named for the day. and it was a good day for that song. i needed to gain a little perspective and dear old nathan helped me out with that. this is his take:

if bloods flowing through my veins, there’s air to breathe, life to live. then i’ve got a song to sing on this normal day… september 22. 

it’s a good song. makes you kinda drive with the windows down and realize life’s not so bad after all. check him out… nathan angelo. hit itunes and enjoy!


One comment

  1. i had that song on repeat all day yesterday! good times…

    it’s like its own holiday now…

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