“just can’t seem to get it right today…” -joe purdy

September 20, 2008

here i sit. plans for the day. knowing what i need to do to accomplish them. hair wet. needing to be dried and straightened. am i doing anything? no. i’m obviously sitting on my computer. on top of that my roommates are watching bridget jones and i keep getting sucked in. a moment ago i was up in my loft just sitting there. the question. what should i put on? who knows. i wasn’t even being proactive about answering the question. i was just sitting on my bed staring. can’t seem to pull it together today. you know the feeling? the one where you know what you need to do, but you can’t seem to make yourself do it? well that’s my saturday currently. worst case scenario? i never leave this apartment. but i think i can pull myself together before that happens. 

oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for a great evening… i had one last night. my friend holly and i parked our cars on charles allen, crashed the tail end of a high school football game, walked to piedmont park and sat ourselves on a bench overlooking the field. there was a chalk drawing of hopscotch on the walk in front of us, the moon was big and orange and rising, the weather was perfect and cool, and we could hear ray charles singing “georgia” from the park tavern across the green. our dear friend micah came and we all talked about life, love, and other mysteries, and we laughed. it was a good night. and completely free. love it!


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  1. um that’s me all the time.

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