“what do ya think about that?” -montgomery gentry

September 16, 2008

ok. here’s where i take a poll. let’s say there’s a girl who has pretty bad luck with cars. let’s say she needs a lot of work done regularly and has a place that she trusts and feels comfortable taking said car. let’s say there’s a dude that works there that is really nice to her and takes care of her every time. this is a service you don’t want to lose right? well. let’s say the guy flirts a lot, which wasn’t a problem before when it was just harmless. let’s say she just thanked him for saving her once again, and he said “then why haven’t you taken me out? i gave you my cell number and you’ve never used it.” jeepers. 

how does this chick keep the relationship down to business, but not lose the advantage of having a buddy at the auto place? help a sister out here. what’s a girl to do??



  1. This one’s a tuffy =( I mean I haven’t much experince with guys but it sounds like you should take the offer and tell him it’s a friend date and invite a friend to come along with you. But you do what ever your comfortable doing after all it is your desicion.

  2. That is definitely a tuffy! You could be brutely honest with said car guy and tell him that although you appreciate the fact that he’s interested in you. bBut that you prefer to keep business seperate and that good honest dependable car guys like himself are hard to come by these days especially one that a women can trust and that you’d hate to ruin that because so some silly potential date gone wrong. Tell him if you know of any single women his type that you will definitely keep him in mind for another person. Just my thought about it but that really doesn’t count for much so ponder on it and let God handle the rest.

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