“darling, i wish you well…” -patty griffin

September 15, 2008

i’m proud of a friend today. i’m proud of him often. he’s a freakishly talented dude with a beautiful heart. but, apparently, yesterday he looked at his life and decided he needed to make some changes. i got a call today telling me he’s going to chicago tomorrow to check into a rehabilitation center for alcoholism. those of us closest to him have all wondered how best to help him. as a fixer, it drove me nuts to hear that it had to be his decision. all i could do was love him and pray. so i did. we all did, in our own appropriate ways. 

he told me he’s scared. that makes sense. i told him that everything truly great that we do in life is always scary at the start. and isn’t that true? especially when it comes to recognizing the need to right something that is wrong in life. it takes real guts to admit a problem and do something about it.

i love this dude with all my heart. i wish him well. please help me pray for him. he’s easily one of my top 5 favorite people. and i’m so proud of him. of his courage and his spirit. his determination is challenging and encouraging to me.


One comment

  1. since he came to this realization on his own, his recovery will be much speedier. he’s motivated by health and he WILL make it. be sure to stay in touch with him while he’s at the rehab center. cards will let him know he’s not forgotten.

    i had someone close to me go through this experience, and he was forever changed and healed. i pray the same for your friend. you said exactly the right words to him (way to go Holy Spirit!).

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