“all she wants to do is dance, dance, dance…” -don henley

September 13, 2008

i haven’t told you guys much about my two new roommates. but i love them. seriously. we still don’t know each other extremely well, but we’re getting there. they are both beautiful hispanic ladies who every so often have to ask me what the word is in english. no lie. and they’re so much fun. and here’s just one reason why…

i’m sitting here tonight, having bailed on a great show at smith’s, watching pretty woman when lina and annette come in the door. they came in from a church pool party. these gals are both catholic, by the way. they come in announcing that they’re going out. i’m in my pjs drinking diet coke, knowing i have to get up at an insane hour tomorrow morning, so i know that i’m out. as they try to persuade me to come out with them, they mute the tv, put on what they deem “the spanish rolling stones” and start singing at the top of their lungs. i truly am looking forward to learning a little bit of spanish living here. i didn’t understand a word of what they were singing. but they were entertaining. when they pleaded one last time for me to accompany them to loca luna, i announced that little white girl wasn’t going salsa dancing with those two! 

but i probably will. and i should probably sell tickets to watch the spectacle. i like these gals. they’re a good time.


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