“i remember running through the wet grass…” -better than ezra

September 10, 2008

last was superb. if you know me well at all, you know i’m a big fan of adventures. of just plain playing. many of you have never quite understood what that meant exactly, but some of you have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing these moments with me. growing up in a town like pensacola, you have to learn to entertain yourselves. and that means a lot more adventure and ridiculousness than conventional entertainment. 

my dear new friend, holly evans, and i seem to have bonded lately… and i like it. she’s a cool chick. plays piano, down to earth, funny, good gal all around. well. last night we had a plan to “go to the park and play”. what does that consist of? walking to grab dinner at the cnn building, taking it to centennial park, sitting and talking over a cheeseburger and fries, and then… trying to outsmart the jets of water shooting out of the olympic rings on the ground. what a good time. long hilarious story short, we both ended up pretty wet. i thought i had the thing beat until 2 walls of water shot up just as i was running through. a lot more water comes out of those things than you think. we danced around and sang elton john songs and the german national anthem and then holly said this: i’ve never been to the top of the westin. 

having just recently had my first visit myself, i knew we had to remedy that. i joked about going in soaking wet and going to the observation deck. we both realized we didn’t have much to lose at that point. what could they do? say no? we took our chances and it worked. all the way to the top. well, after we found the right elevator. so we froze and looked at the city. talked about life and the burden of guilt and laughed at the people in the rotating restaurant below. good times altogether. 

that’s what i mean. playing. having adventures. it’s the stuff of life. love it. come play sometime?


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