“video killed the radio star…” -buggles

September 7, 2008

this morning has been a pretty good time. i was at buckhead in xtreme with chris coleman, phil rogers, matt melton, mike fogleman, and josh fisher. there are a few beautiful things about that. first thing’s first. the call time. so technically my call is 6:45. that’s early. were i at browns bridge i would have left my apartment at 6. since moving to my new apartment, however, it only takes me 5 minutes to get to buckhead church. plus. call is a little more like 7 around there anyway. so i got to “sleep in” a little for a sunday morning. these guys i got to sing with today are, not only ridiculously talented, but they’re a hysterical bunch of dudes. we sang a little keith urban this morning, worshipped rock and roll style with some really cool middle schoolers (one of them even break danced during the set. uh. may.zing), and then we did it all over again. and after that, went across the street to on the border for lunch with those crazy fee guys. sound like me and a bunch of dudes? story of my life as the chick in the band. i laughed more today between the hours of 7am and 1pm than i have in a long time! 

so, you ask, when you get offstage and disappear until the next service, where do you hide? what do you do there? well, let me tell you, my friends. we enter this little world called a “greenroom”. greenrooms exist to make you fat and make you sleepy and make you think everything is funny. seriously. usually dimly lit small quiet rooms with any type of candy, snack, drink, ice cream, etc you could ever dream of wanting to consume so early in the morning. said rooms are stocked with couches, plus chairs, and pillows galore all inviting you to comfort. and every greenroom always comes with its own set of at the very least 5 guys holding iphones or laptops. what happens next you ask?

youtube.com happens next. i know that our culture loves youtube. i’m sure this is prevalent in many other scenarios, but i am convinced that if musicians everywhere stopped watching youtube videos between sets, the site would immediately shut down. it is common knowledge that upon entering one of these magical rooms that put your own living room to serious shame, you will have no option but to be thrown to the mercy of the latest hilarity on youtube.com. and you will laugh. at things that wouldn’t be as funny anywhere or anytime else. further proving that the company you keep coupled with lack of sleep contributes to a lot of laughter. which is fine by me.

thought i’d share a golden nugget with you today. this one’s not new, but was pulled out of archives for a few newcomers this morning. literally tears streaming down mike fogleman’s face on this one today. if you don’t think it’s funny. find a greenroom… and a sense of humor!

anyone else got any good ones?? i’ve got tons where this came from if you want em!


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