“these are my confessions…” -usher

August 29, 2008

this is the part of the blog where i’ve decided to bring to light the guilty pleasures in my life… those things that we all really think about every so often but are too cool to mention out loud. let’s release, shall we?

it’s friday. i usually spend my fridays with 2 great little fellas, but they’re out of town for the weekend, so that leaves me on the couch enjoying some down time… first in a while! 

what am i watching? beverly hills 90210. no lie. it’s on right now and i got excited when they used the words “back to back”. that means 2 episodes. they are advertising labor day as a 90210 marathon day starting at midnight. i won’t lie, it’s tempting. if you’re concerned… rescue me please.

share your oldschool guilty please tv shows… 

ps… felicity… don’t worry. you’re still my altogether favorite.


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