“here i am. rock you like a hurricane…” -scorpions

August 29, 2008

having grown up in florida, to hear the word “hurricane” makes me angry. that word alone serves as my own personal pavlov’s dog to incite frustration and helplessness. honestly, that word is at least 2% why i left the grand state of florida. i’m only reminded of packing up my car, saying goodbye to my home, leaving town, wondering if i’d ever see certain things again, and then coming to back to annoying and inconvenient chaos. 

i don’t have to deal with those things anymore. not personally anyway. but my whole family is still there. not to mention that’s my hometown. i kinda feel like some big bully is picking on someone i love. my first instinct is to bow up and do something about it. but turns out, this bully is out of my league and i can’t do a darn thing about it. bummer. 

so here’s to you, hurricane gustav. you stay away from pensacola florida. and you stay away from my family and friends. and if you even think about touching precious landmarks like your buddy ivan did with the krispy kreme, and the pier, and everything else he ruined… i’ll, i’ll… well there’s nothing i can do but pout and gripe. 



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