“gonna pull my soul in and i’m almost home…” mary chapin carpenter

August 23, 2008

so on a lighter note… i have a couple of things to divulge, whether they be of any interest to anyone but me or not.

first and foremost. today was move in day at the new apartment. it’s a cool location and my new roomies are very promising. not everything moved in today. tomorrow i’ll get to start getting settled. for tonight, my 2 roommates are both gone. i don’t know them very well, so being here alone is a little weird. like being in a stranger’s house. not even “like”, i am in a stranger’s house. i love finally being in the new place, but i have to confess something… i miss the house i’ve been in this last month. i miss my temporary roomies a little. what a blast it was. they were so good to me. once my stuff gets in this joint, it will feel like mine and i’m so excited about that. not to mention, i’m DONE living out of a suitcase! 

now… this may sound really strange, but it is what it is. i was driving 400 South today and realized something. driving 400 South makes me want to write songs. good or bad, i just can’t wait to get home and pen some stuff. or at least try to. don’t have any idea what it is, but it’s the same thing every time. maybe i should do it more often. ha! well… off i go to watch disney channel and go to bed early. 

ps… the disney channel is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. shh… don’t tell anyone.


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