“you can’t find the answers til you learn to question…” -ginny owens

August 21, 2008

ok, so tuesday i had a thought and told myself to blog it. later. i expressed the thought to my dear friend rachel bos, who told me to blog it. later. she encouraged me to wait and fully explore the idea and see what comes of it before i spoke. i love her for that. i don’t doubt that what i’m about to say will make some folks mad at me. frankly my dear, i don’t… no i do. it’s just that i’ve been watching too many people get too worked up over blogs. that’s silly. take this for what it is. meager ramblings of an observer. 

ok, the thought is this:

tuesday night was our last 7/22 for the summer. (i repeat, FOR THE SUMMER) yes, 7/22 as we know it is ending, but we have ONE  MORE to go! september 23rd. be there) on the docket this past tuesday was dan kimball who wrote the book they like Jesus but not the church and charlie hall with his band. let’s be honest, most folks didn’t read dan’s book. i’d like to think they did, and they probably had great intentions to. i’m guessing most folks almost finished the shack and never even cracked the second or the third on our reading lists. that’s fine. i can cop out and say this because i had already read dan’s book. i act like i am the only one who followed the rules. i did not. i defaulted them. ha. i digress. but i did hear the name charlie hall more times than i could count. kinda reminded me of the week of christmas when everyone talks about santa coming. and where is santa. the santa watch. the promises that he will bring magic in one night like no other can. the mystery and wonder of santa. i sound sarcastic. i am sarcastic. so here’s the hypothesis in a nutshell: most people would show up to 7/22 that night to be entertained by the likes of charlie hall than would come to 7/22 to worship.

i like charlie hall. i always have. PLEASE don’t get me wrong on that. though i’m sure some will. i think he’s a great worship leader. and what’s more, i believe that he would not desire for people to come for the glory of his name, but for God’s. i don’t doubt that God uses things to draw people into the church so that He can be known. but, and this is just a question of my heart not a statement, doesn’t Jesus say in John that when He is lifted from the earth that He will draw all men to Himself? seems like we’re trying to do more work than we need to. and this is not all on the idea of charlie hall either. just a thought that is motivated by what i see everywhere i look these days. am i glad that charlie was there tuesday night? absolutely! do i think God used him there? 100%. 

here’s the truth. i have questions circling my head all the time. these are simply a couple of them. devil’s advocate a bit, if you will. are people coming into our churches more to be entertained than to find relief in worship? whether they even know what that looks like or not. i believe that everyone has the need to worship, they just may not have ever been shown the opportunity. do we need to buy into the idea that people want to be entertained, and then once we have them in, show them worship? what does it mean that Christ will draw all men to Himself? and how do we maintain humility and remember our places in this whole scheme? is it even possible? 

please don’t crucify me for the questions. and if you have issue with me asking them, feel free to comment them for the world to see. if you feel the need to form a prayer chain for me and my questions, rest assured… i pray enough about them for all of us! but seriously, let me know your thoughts, answers, questions, prayers, concerns, encouragements…

i think i love questions more than answers.


One comment

  1. So, I have totally thought that before. No joke. We’ll have to have a full-indepth convo about it in the baby room! And I’ll give you a full run down on how I feel about such. You are a very good writer, p.s. I don’t like to read much, and even though you don’t include pictures, I am still interested and can totally hear you saying it. Nice!!! But I’ll kick yo butt on Tuesday. Cheese!!! :O)

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