“life is not tried, it is merely survived…” -garth brooks

August 8, 2008

ok, so on fridays i hang out at the fee’s house with levi and price to give carmen one day off to do whatever she darn well pleases. today is no different. got up around 7:30, rolled out about 8, stopped in at starbucks on haynes bridge, looked around to see who i knew (no one today), and then got to the fee’s around 8:30. levi fee’s face when i walk in the door makes me want to stop time altogether. what a stinking cutie! i’m a big fan of his. price went down around 9… that dude is adorable and certainly amazing. anyway, upon his naptime, levi and i usually venture to the outside world. today was no different. “levi, you want to go outside??” you can guess the answer. a passionate head shake and all that amazing hair flopping in his face. so out we went. and what did he want to do? play in the elmo sprinkler. so we marched right back inside and put on his bathing suit and little water shoes. i tried to figure out why elmo wasn’t twirling about, and naturally, figured it out about the same time it sprayed me smack in the face. so, fully clothed, i ran out of elmo’s fire and told levi to jump in! 

did he? not really. he stayed around the edges of ring of water so that it barely touched him. he stood back just watching and pointing and laughing and smiling. i kept trying to get him to run through or jump over or something exciting and he would have none of it. i even sacrificed my dryness to set a good example. nothing. so i asked if we should turn him off. meltdown. apparently no. so i tried again to get him to fully enjoy the thing. no such luck. so i asked myself, “if he doesn’t enjoy it the way you think he should, isn’t it enough that he simply enjoys it as much as you think he should?” i said yes and then, of course, started thinking further into it. 

i wonder if God doesn’t look at us the way i was looking at levi today. dumbfounded. ready to turn the sprinklers off if we won’t jump in and enjoy it. i wonder how many amazing gifts God has put right in front of us that we think we are loving to the fullest. and yet, we have no idea how much more incredible it could be. we are completely content standing where we’ll get splashed a little and laughing and pointing. just watching. and what’s more is that we think that’s what we’re supposed to do. i prayed this morning that God would open my eyes to the things i could just dive into and truly enjoy His goodness. the things i’m just watching and laughing and pointing at. really enjoying, but not even realizing how great it could be. 

all that from an elmo sprinkler and a little boy? yeah, all that.



  1. this is a beautiful illustration from your experience and i want the same thing you do–to fully revel in all God has for me. what a great prayer to pray, and what a great thing you’re doing for carmen!

  2. I love this! I think it’s awesome that you find such great comparisons in the very thing that no one would ever think about it. It’s awesome to me and inspiring just as you are to me. This is so true and so sad at the same time. If we only knew or could actually grasp all the wonderful things to the absolute fullest that God has in store for us we would be and often are blown away by it. AWESOME!!!

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