“it’s a beautiful day…” -u2

August 8, 2008

it’s been a pretty good day. a pretty great one actually. which was very welcomed. it’s thursday. the end of my work week. but today was the end of a few other things too. we had our very first pre-k graduation at waumba land. 3 precious and dear 4 year olds wore construction paper hats and moved on up to kindergarten… just like the rest of us did days ago. ok, years ago. my sweet boss, kristin and her 3 precious boys spent their last day with us as well. she’s moving on. change. i guess it’s completely inevitable, whether i like it or not. if you changed my everyday breakfast from dirt to chocolate cake, i’d probably have a problem with it at first. change. never liked it much at first. just give me a moment. 

then i came “home”. (ps… i’m in between homes at the moment. moved out of my apartment almost 2 weeks ago, and won’t be moving into my new apartment until august 23rd. what does that leave me? homeless, that’s right. not so fast. i have 5 dear wonderful friends who are letting me hang at their great house for the duration. love them!) so anyway, i came “home” and put on some running clothes. went for a great run, came back and swam some laps in the pool. felt amazing. took a shower, ran a couple of errands and brought home a small maggiano’s salad. which i ate in front of hannah montana. then i pulled out an art project and spent the next couple of hours teaching myself how to paint and pretending to be creative.

and here i am. a couple of my temporary roomies are in and out recording and writing and just being pretty great in general. overall, i can’t tell you how great these last couple of weeks have been. so relieving and peaceful. this house has been such a great refuge and these folks have been so much fun. they truly are such a blessing. and they keep me laughing. not to mention, it’s so good to be around such creative folks. little free spirits, if you will!

well, that being said… i’m going to sit here on this couch, watch jane eyre with charlotte gainsbourg, and write a bit. that’s just a good day, my friends. a good day. and i am grateful for good days. they always seem to come when you need them the most, right?



  1. Thanks for helping me get through the morning yesterday. I know things were a little crazy, so thanks for being flexible and patient in the baby room. I really don’t know what I would do some days if I didn’t have one of our conversations!!! You are so great!

  2. Change is hard, but also a great thing! Thanks for loving my boys so much!

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