“you belong somewhere you feel free…” -tom petty

August 2, 2008

one of my, if not my all time, favorite tom petty song is “wildflowers”. it’s a truly great one. the guy named the entire album for it. it’s all about freedom. all about feeling free. about finding the places where we truly feel comfortable and safe and unbound. that’s what i’m all about these days. 

this year, so far, has been a whirlwind of lessons learned. if i were still in school and had to do that activity where our lives are a timeline, with little tick marks dictating the most monumental events that have shaped our lives. 2008 would have it’s own label. it would say “this was the year i lost a lot of leftover innocence and trust, and stopped working so hard to prove who i am to people and started simply enjoyed being who i am.” i am a firm believer that when one discovers that he or she is in an undesirable situation, he or she has control of one thing. himself… or in my case, herself. so you take yourself out of the situation. may not be fair, may not be right… but it’s all you can do. so i’ve been in purging mode lately. and it’s been so freeing. feels like i’m cleaning out my closet of clothes that make me feel badly about myself. clothes that make me feel fat or ugly or dorky or older than i am… or younger than i am for that matter.

God has shown me a lot about who i am in all this time. and who i want to be. and who i want to be around. and who i don’t want to be around. and how no matter who i am around, i am still myself and should make no apologies for it. and i love love love being there. still on my way i guess. but i’m learning… and i’ve been blessed lately to have great friends who are dedicated to my education and development. they’re good folk… you know who you are.

ps… on a completely unrelated note, christian paschall is downstairs right now playing drums. i LOVE being in this house for a few weeks. it’s so good to hear music all the time.



  1. Dee Dee, I’m glad I got to be a part of your 2008!

  2. I have struggles with these sames issues and can totally relate. I am still trying to figure out how it all works and am trying to be free and not prove myself to people and it’s a daily struggle for me. Thanks for the post because it has inspired me!!!

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