“i believe the children are our future…” (ha!) -whitney houston

June 22, 2008

this weekend was great! we had boot camp… which is summer camp for all north point ministries 6th graders. it gives them their first real initiation into the middle school ministries around the 3 campuses. i got to help lead worship for this camp last year, and have been pumped about being back this year. naturally, thursday night rolled around and i didn’t really want to pack. friday morning started out a little frustrating in tiny ways, but the drive ended up being perfect. i met up with our drummer, fish, and our guitarist, matt melton… and caravanned. i was riding alone, which always proves to be a good time of music, phone calls, and reflection. i get to sing a show with ryan horne next month, so i got to spend some quality time getting familiar with his tunes. i talked to my best friend for a little while. and emmylou harris’s new album kept great company. 

worship times were fun. there were technical difficulties galore… naturally. not sure if i had working monitors for even one session the whole time, but what can you do? what a great band. i wondered how the dynamic would go, but it was great. seriously. SO much fun. i sang a lot, laughed a lot, and goofed off a lot. three things that i absolutely LURV to do more than anything else! i even got a great 2 hour nap in on saturday afternoon. 

these kids are so much fun. anytime i’m leading at a camp, the minute i walk into the cafeteria to eat the first time, i am instantly reminded of how i felt at camp when the band walks in. makes me sheepish and want to immediately prove my dorkiness! (doesn’t usually take very long either!) those are some of my favorite times though. the in between moments where you get to hang out and talk with these students. find out where they are. and there are no better students than middle schoolers. they are so entertained by the strangest things. and so excited about EVERYTHING. you can tell by their high pitched screaming. and i love watching the girls fall in love with the worship leader… chris coleman. and i especially love watching the dudes connect with the other guys in the band. the girls are fairly focused on whatever guy is to my right at first, but i love to look into their beautiful little faces and see little worshipping women. i love to speak truth into their life… because for whatever reason, God has given me influence with them for at least a moment or two. 

i had some personal coolness this weekend too. lately, God has been showing me areas that i’ve been hurt more than i had thought. areas that i am extremely cautious, even shy in. and caution is typically good… but shrinking back in fear is not. i’ve stopped being myself a lot lately, due to people who haven’t liked who i am. scared that they are right about who i am as a worship leader, as a friend, as a woman, as a person, i have changed the way i interact with people. worse, i’ve changed the way i approach my job as a worship leader. wednesday night was the revelation of how i’m acting in fear with how i interact with people. and my friend ponder, without realizing it, helped me see how i’m acting in fear when leading worship. without extreme detail, i spent some time saturday remembering who i am, my true identity. remembering what i love. realizing that it’s time for my to kick butt at whatever i do and stop apologizing for it. deciding to be myself no matter who has what expectations of me! i’m so energized by it actually! so great. 

to sum up. great weekend. SO much fun. i haven’t laughed that much or been that comfortable in a long time. the middle school staff at north point ministries have their stuff seriously together! and they LOVE LOVE LOVE their students. i’ll be a part of something like that any day!


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  1. middle school students really are the best, aren’t they? I miss them. I miss you too.

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