“no amount of coffee…” -the weepies

June 9, 2008

i’m surrounded by “cool” right now. let’s count the factors together. first, i’m in the heart of the midtown at the moment. that’s “cool” already. i’m at a 2: coffee bar drinking 3: tea. there’s 4: low lighting and 5: weird but great music. there’s a 6: vespa parked out front. the inside walls are 7: older bricks covered with 8: eclectic paintings by 9: local artists. to my right is a dude on his 10: mac computer 11: designing graphics. the 12: fashion around me is very earthtoney and metro. 13: track lighting. 14: i just heard the “f” word. 15: that dude is drinking wine in a coffee bar. i just cracked open my brand new 16: red moleskine journal and am 17: blogging. 18: just twittered. 

who am i?

i love settings like this because i find them authentic. original. kind. warm. full of life and experience. good conversation. i love being IN the city. so ready to live here. but how much of me looks to these 18 “cool factors” to satisfy me? to define me? to stimulate me? to engage me? how much of me is simply looking for environments that look different than my everyday surroundings? and in that case, if this became my everyday surrounding, would i long to be somewhere else? do i love these things for what they are or for do i love them because they are different or “cool” or strange? and is that ok? will i always need to move along to a different environment every so often to maintain stimulation and happiness? what does that mean? i talked to a friend today about some of these things very vaguely and briefly… made me realize i miss and crave conversation about REAL things these days. things outside our tiny world. 

lots of random weird thoughts, i know. a bunch of questions i’m pondering. right now, i’m extremely content and comfortable. i LURV to hide out. no one knows where i am right now. of course, now that i’ve described the joint, most of you probably know exactly where i am. but that’s not the point. it’s good to hide out and introduce my eyes and brain to things and people it doesn’t always see. kinda like ginger to cleanse your palate between sushi bites. or coffee beans to bring your nose back to zero when smelling perfumes. 

i’m weird. and inspired. and stimulated. and finally am starting to get excited about possibilities in life again. any thoughts? confusions? answers? questions? proclamations of my insanity? (don’t do the last one!)



  1. crazy…hmmm…i would say not.

    You have the heart of an artist…moments like the one you speak of are soul stirring…they awaken something deep.

    “authentic. original. kind. warm. full of life and experience. good conversation.” – sounds normal to me.

  2. haha…very nice.

    what’s your twitter username? i’m going to follow you (in the most un-stalker way i can…)

  3. “No no no no no…nothing else will do I’ve gotta have you”!
    I love this weepies song

  4. dee dee–how did the weekend go? did you lead worship anywhere? i thought of you…you have my email address now, could i have yours?

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