“where do you go when you need a helping hand?” -john archer

April 10, 2008

so my good friend carlos whittaker (www.ragamuffinsoul.com) challeged us to a question: “I want us to post on where it is that we go to find our personal creativity. And it HAS to be outside the office. And Tell Us Why…”

me? there are a few actually…

1) i have the raddest porch known to man. my dad’s old cozy chair and ottoman are out there and it overlooks a very soothing fountain. it’s one of my favorite places

2) any real piano. in pensacola, my hideout was undeniably the yamaha baby grand in pleitz chapel. these days it’s the old upright in danny’s old office at buckhead church. you can often find me there after work. 

3) funnily enough, i’ve found great inspiration just riding marta. i love to watch people, and this is a great place to do it. more songs have come out of walking to and from and riding marta lately than anywhere else! 



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