“going back to nashville, thinking bout the whole thing…” -david mead

April 6, 2008

what a glorious sunday afternoon! sunday afternoons are my favorite time of the entire week. today i got home after lunch and changed clothes, and went straight to my porch where i’ve been ever since. i’m sitting here with my computer, a good book, my Bible, 2 old hymnals, and about 3 old journals and 1 new one. our porch overlooks a tiny lake with a fountain which is the most relaxing sound. my dad’s old comfy chair and ottoman are out here too. and the softest blanket in all the world. perfect. 

so i’m sitting here with garage band open, listening back to voice notes i’ve left myself on my phone trying to capture song ideas that i’ll inevitably lose if i don’t make sure to record them. and a song i started over a year ago popped into my head. so naturally, i went looking for whatever journal i wrote it in at the time. found it in a black marble composition notebook. the cool thing about doing that is finding all the other things you’ve written in your journals. then you realize why you write in journals in the first place. for moments like this. been thinking about and truly missing nashville, tennessee these days. and in one journal i reminded myself all the reasons why. this is something i wrote at jj’s the day i left nashville from visiting friends over a year ago…

“there’s something about nashville you’ll never find anywhere else. sitting in a van with friends experiencing johnny cash’s last album for the first time together watching lightning bugs dance to the tun outside. hearing patty griffin’s ‘moses’ in a local coffee shop. the bluebird. anticipating the release of thom yorke’s album coming out next week the same way a child anticipates christmas morning. the fashion. the conversations. the village. knowing you’ll see your friends later because they’re in the studio for the next several hours. ernest tubb. the great escape. good people. good music. good coffee. satco. the fact that the music in nashville’s starbucks would make the perfect playlist for your ipod. the earthtones. the browns and greys. old houses and vintage shops. the goodwill superstore. i left my heart here a long time ago and only fully realize it when i come back and find that it’s still here. God has me in atlanta, but my heart is here.”

is there anywhere other than where you are now that you miss? that is a refuge for you. comfortable and familiar? a perfect fit? what do you miss about that place?



  1. Literally every time I go to Nashville, I have a life-changing experience. Love that town, love the people, maybe someday I’ll move there. But I kind of doubt it. I think it’s kind of like the ocean to me – every now and then it’s refreshing to jump in, but I was made for terra firma. But whenever I get the chance, I point my car up I-65 toward so many of the people and things I love. And Nashville has returned the favor. There seems to be a really strong convergence of the Body in Auburn and Nashville. Anthony Skinner comes down a lot (He and his band played a house show at my house church recently. Amazing), as do a bunch of other wonderful people who enrich my life so much. So…(Raises glass)… “to Nashville!”

  2. good post. your writing is well done. (i found your blog from chris coleman’s site)

    keep writing,

    [“nashville” by the indigo girls]
    As i drive from your pearly gates i realize
    that i just can’t stay all those mountains they kept you locked inside
    and hid the truth from my slighted eyes

    i came to you with a half-open heart
    dreams upon my back, illusions of a brand-new start
    nashville, can’t i carry the load
    is it my fault i can’t reap what i sow?
    nashville, did you give me half a chance
    with your southern style and your hidden dance?

    all those voices they whisper through my walls
    they talk of falling fast they say i’m losing it all
    they say i’m running blind
    to a love of my own
    but i’ll be walking proud I’m saving what i still own

    i fell on my knees to kiss your land
    but you are so far down i can’t even see to stand
    nashville, you forgot the human race
    you see with half a mind what colors hide the face
    nashville, i’d like to know your fate
    i’d like to stay awhile but i’ve seen your lowered state
    today i’m leaving but i’ve got all these debts to pay
    we all owe our dues i’ll pay in some other place

    i never ask that you pay me back
    we all arrive with more i left with less than i had
    your town is made for people passing through
    a last chance for cause well i thought i knew
    nashville, tell me what you gonna do
    with your southern style it’ll never pull you through
    nashville, i can’t place no blame but if you forget my face
    i’ll never call your name again

    i fell on my knees to kiss your land
    but you are so far down i can’t even see to stand
    nashville, you forgot the human race
    you see with half a mind what colors hide the face
    nashville, i’d like to know your fate
    i’d like to stay awhile but i’ve seen your lowered state
    today i’m running away

  3. I really miss Nashville too sometimes. My best memory of you is flunking college algebra at Belmont to go write, and my second best memory is you standing up for me when someone said “Arkansas shouldn’t even be considered a state.”

    I really love your blog, by the way!

    Adriane (Hickey) Adams

  4. (I meant “flunking algebra WITH ME”)

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