“better get some sleep tonight…” -rolling stones

March 25, 2008

it’s 3:22 am. can’t sleep to save my life. doing that thing where you keep rolling over to look at the clock and count down how many hours are left until the dumb alarm will go off. thought perhaps the computer glow would lull me into sleepiness. somehow it’s just making me hungry. no snacking! i even got a good run in and played tennis today! i should be asleep like a baby. but no such luck. it’s been kinda like that lately.
anyone have any tricks on how to get to sleep on a sleepless night??? help!



  1. I would try putting on some Alison Krauss and Union Station. If that doesn’t put you to sleep I dont know what will! haha


  2. nice. good call. i went with jump little children’s “cathedrals” on repeat. worked for me. finally!

  3. you need a sound machine. works like a charm. i prefer ocean waves. 😉

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