February 22, 2008

so this morning i woke up, rather i kept waking up, with my nose completely, utterly, and miserably clogged. you know, like your bathtub gets when you don’t clean the hair out and the water drains really slowly and seems to come up to your knees when you’re taking a shower? ok… so back to this morning. so i woke up and laid there on my side with my eyes open for a moment. and it was then and there that i had my very first thought of the day: “Thank you, God, for giving us 2 different ways of breathing.” God, in His infinite wisdom and foresight of how we’d mess things up, gave us alternate ways of breathing. if it weren’t for my mouth, i’d be dead. and that’s the truth. so i chuckled, got out of bed, neti potted it, and went on to my day full of snot. what are you thankful for in midst of your congestion???


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