i feel yucky…

February 19, 2008

library-1941.jpgso i don’t get sick. just putting that out there before i start this entry. i don’t get sick… haven’t been in about 2 years. so why, in the last 2 weeks, have i gotten sick twice? the first? a throat infection that went away very quickly. the second? started about last wednesday. a sinus infection that has only gotten worse! can’t breathe, it’s moving into my chest, and i’m getting really tired of being quarantined to the couch in my apartment. i would brave the outside world and go to work feeling yucky, but i’m hanging out with babies during the day at buckhead church now… so that’s a bit of a problem. went looking for a neti pot on sunday with my dear friend shae sweeney after singing at browns bridge and feeling horrible. apparently, after oprah talked about it, they’re nowhere to be found. BUT i found this thing that does the same thing. really disgusting. but effective to a degree.

here’s the thing though. i would rather throw up all day long than be head sick. because once you’ve finally thrown up whatever it is that’s making you sick, it’s gone. when you get rid of the snot in your face… your face just makes more. and that sucks. so here i sit, breathing through my mouth, puffy eyes, groggy head, starting to cough because the yuckiness is slowly letting gravity take it from my face to my chest. here i sit on my couch with my teddy bear, trying to figure out how to sleep sitting straight up… and i look at the coffee table in front of me. and i realize that i’m dying. and if i don’t die of the nasties, then i will certainly die of all the drugs i’m pumping into my system. PRAY! i have to get better people… what a boring way to go!!!


One comment

  1. so the rinse stuff works? good to know! and how’s the afrin treating you? i must say that’s a favorite of mine. neti needs to start making more pots!

    and i think i would rather have a head cold than the stomach virus, but that’s because i can’t handle pressing my face to the seat of a toilet or burying it in a trash can, especially without my mom around.

    excited to see you tonight sweet friend… i’ll take care of you!

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