10 random things about me…

February 19, 2008

dear sweet emily matthews tagged me in her blog (check out her blog to see what i’m talking about!) i am currently sick as a dog and getting a little cabin fever, so here goes… 10 random things you may or may not know about me…

1) i can fit my whole fist in my mouth. it’s true. it’s weird but it’s true.

2) my most embarrassing moment involves senators, the national day of prayer, and the words to the national anthem… or lack of words

3) i have a pet fish named johnny cash. he’s incredible.

4) i was a national champion cheerleader in high school. i know, i know… but it’s true.

5) i LOVE pistachio jello pudding

6) tombstone is my favorite movie

7) i like taking marta anywhere i can… so long as it’s convenient!

8) i LOVE airports.

9) i shop better by myself than with people

10) i always park by the dillard’s shoe section at any mall no matter what i’m at the mall for. learned that one from my mom and sister!

guess it’s my turn to tag… so i’m gonna tag Benjamin, Annie, and Michael… have at it folks!! and when you’re done… tag some folks of your own!


One comment

  1. Done and done, girl. Thanks for the tag!!

    We do need to hang out soon. Maybe early March? We’ll be in touch. We need to have coffee and conversation. Truly.

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