“my God is mighty to save…” -reuben morgan, ben fielding

February 11, 2008

my porch is one of my favorite places. that’s where i am. it’s gorgeous outside and the perfect temperature!

yesterday morning i sang in the main service at browns bridge community church. i got to sing with the ever amazing danny dukes. what a great character! we sang highest and greatest and mighty to save… and it was fun. i LOVE that church. and i LOVE getting to be a part of leading those people in worship! there are some truly beautiful things happening at that campus and so much of it is due to the humility and servanthood of its staff. it MUST be said!

lately, it seems to me, God’s been tapping on my shoulder trying to get my attention. (He does that a lot… and He’s always SO patient!) He seems to repeat Himself until i finally decide to listen. sometimes He even has to get stern with me. lately it’s been about reading His word. ever have those times in life when you get lazy with it? even though it’s horribly and desperately important?? and ever have those times in life when you think you actually are reading it more than you really are? that’s been me the lately. and the stuff i do read, i have skimmed over. so God has been asking me why. and He’s been asking me to read more. and then 7/22 challenged us to read through the gospels by easter. and then yesterday morning, andy started a new series called “text” all about reading the Bible. simple right?

as we were rehearsing yesterday morning before the services started, i was looking at my left hand. the one that was lacerated by a canvas with broken pieces of mirror on it last week. and i started to look at the smaller nicks and cuts. the one on my middle finger looked dirty, so i tried to wipe it off. the dirt was not coming up because it was in the cut. and God whispered something in my ear. just me… (i must have looked funny focusing so hard on this during rehearsal!) He said, open wounds catch dirt. and it was a revelation that i haven’t been closing up my wounds, even the little nicks and cuts, properly. with His Word. and those little wounds have been catching dirt in my life so that they’re more noticable.

so i came home yesterday and the first thing i did? pick up the beautiful message Bible that north point gave its worship leaders and started with matthew, reading with fresh eyes and a pen. and it’s been fun. and i have a renewed desire for His Word… and i’m SO grateful to the 7/22 leadership team and to andy stanley for being used by God to challenge me! Read it… it’s such good stuff!!!

here are the 4 things andy outlined as common issues when we get out of God’s Word:
1) we tend to magnify the weaknesses of others and ignore our own
2) we tend to evaluate all we see as if this is all there is and there is nothing outside this world to live for.
3) we tend to close our hands on our possessions. selfishness and selflessness are directly related to the time we spend in God’s Word
4) we tend to hold onto our anger too long.


One comment

  1. Love, love, love this! This is SO where I’m at right now too… developing a new love and passion for the Word of God and praying for such a season of intimacy. Reading the Bible not so much as to gain wisdom, insight, or knowledge (all though I need those things), but instead reading the Bible just to KNOW Him!! So glad to share in this season with you love!

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