“when the stars go blue…” -ryan adams

February 8, 2008

ryan adams makes me want to write really great music. he does it with such ease that i believe it is possible to grab my moleskine notebook and, all at once, write a truly remarkable song… the kind that changes someone’s life. i’m hiding out (i’m not telling you where or i won’t be hiding) watching nissan live sets. tonight, for the next 30 minutes, i’m watching ryan adams and the cardinals. what a weirdo. (he’s talking right now… and the guy is genuinely weird. funny. but weird.) and i’m cuddled up on an incredibly comfy couch… the kind that seems to swallow you the longer you lay on it… cuddled up with an unbelievably cozy blankey. it’s been a long tiring day… the kind that brings you home and incapacitates your legs once you hit the couch and lulls you to nap.

so here i am, as comfortable as possible, kind of falling asleep as ryan sings HIS song “when the stars go blue” (it’s his… even though i’m pretty sure everyone thinks someone else wrote it). beautiful.

sheryl crow makes me want to play the bass. now, the show soundstage is on. and guess who’s on? no. sheryl crow. there are some seriously B A musicians on stage with this woman. i never disliked sheryl crow, but was never insanely huge on the woman, until i saw her in concert last year with john mayer. she’s totally rock and roll. and what is she opening with? one of the best songs where she plays this huge hot bass… favorite mistake. but how can you have an affair with a man like eric clapton, write a song about it, and it NOT be amazing?? seriously! that’s it. i’m learning to play bass ASAP. and this will be the first song i learn. hold me to it!

i love good music. gets me in the gut. and there’s something about beautiful instruments that have my heart. they make me swoon the way brad pitt’s eyes make most chicks swoon. i know… i’m a weird girl. there’s just something i can’t explain about it. any of you get that? let me know about it. i need to hear that i’m not alone. who does something so beautifully that it makes you want to do it too?


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