“still the original, still the one…” -steve thomason

February 5, 2008

(written Saturday, February 2, 2008)

i sang another commercial jingle thursday. yeah… you heard me right. easiest job in the world… and really a lot of fun actually. this one was for The Carpet Shop. i still get the biggest kick out of singing about carpet and barbeque and hot wings! AND getting paid for it! i love that music is my job… BUT i’m still trying to figure out how to go after my job. i just recently realized that since this is my job now, i have to go after work and not just sit around and wait for it to come to me. i’ve never been very good at auditioning or asking to sing or any other part of the whole self-promotion bit. especially in the worship music world. that’s a delicate line… anyone have any suggestions???

in other news… went with some friends to watch a dude play music last night at the red light cafe. check this guy out… ryan horne. he’s really pretty good. has a ryan adams feel to his stuff. slowly finding decent music in this town. let me know of any other local music i won’t be disappointed in… if you know of any!

tomorrow is a morning of worship and singing at browns bridge community church. i LOVE that place. i’m in xtreme tomorrow with the middle schoolers. these kids are really started to get into it on sunday mornings. it’s been cool to watch their comfort level with worship evolve and progress. we have walking wisely weekend with them next weekend. it’s kind of a disciple now weekend. i love these weekends and retreats and camps. these kids get so excited to worship and learn more about who God is. i am absolutely blessed to get to be a part of that.


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