“…and the ground shook…”

January 30, 2008

so yesterday i got home before my roommate did. i started to make myself dinner… salmon and creamed spinach… delicious, no? living in a 2nd floor apartment i began to hear the people who live above us. i noticed it was a bit loud but thought nothing of it. you begin to get used to loud noises coming from all sides when you live in apartment complexes for years. then jamie came home, and the noise seemed to progress. i stood in the kitchen cooking as it got louder and much more noticable. my sweet roommate, jamie, and i looked at each other in fear. there were a number of explanations… maybe an offbeat washing machine, massive dance party, things we chose not to mention, an earthquake, or armageddon.

it was that bad. there began a steady pulsing and everything began to shake. plates rattled and the chandelier shook. and jamie and i continued to look as puzzled as we were concerned that the ceiling was going to come crashing down in moments! i honestly felt like i was in that scene in mary poppins where the cannons are being fired and each member of the household has a job of holding onto something!

so then jamie and i speculated that the most logical explanation would be a treadmill. now, what to do about it? we discussed the best and sweetest way of approaching the subject with our mysterious but loud neighbor. from the seismographic readings in our apartment, we deduced that our upstairs neighbor was no 100 pound blonde college girl. this was either a large man or about 9 middle-aged women running together in time!

so jamie went boldy up the stairs and i stood under the chandelier listening. and then the pounding stopped! and steps went from our dining room to the front door. she had knocked! treadmill indeed! she sheepishly mentioned that we feared for the items hanging on our walls, and gingerly left out that we feared for our very lives!

and the roof didn’t cave in that night. though we wait to hear the frightful pounding once more. we may have to develop an evacuation plan! but honestly… what do you do???



  1. this story cracks me up!!!! I live on the 7th floor out of 8 in my condo building and I have a loud above-me neighbor as well. I only wish he was using a treadmill… (i’ll just leave it at that…if you need more info, we can talk off the record) 🙂

  2. HA HA HA!!! You forgot to mention the part about me standing on the furniture with my ear to the ceiling trying to decipher what the heck was going on..that was the best part! Or maybe it was the part where we actually feared that the swat team was landing on the roof in a helicopter…

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