“come on ride that train…” -quad city djs

January 28, 2008

today i took marta to buckhead church to work with the babies in waumba land. kinda just a trial deal, but looks like i might be hanging out with those cuties more in the future. they really are so cute. and we visited the toddlers too. little elijah stevens is in that class, so i got to hug on him a bit too.
i’m discovering how great mass transit truly is. no, maybe marta isn’t the best system in the country, but at least we have a system at all. and it has felt so great to get out and walk more and interact with different people on a regular basis. i’ve made up a few games too! i challenge you to take marta a little more and play them…
1) pass out more smiles to people as you pass them… try to get them NOT to pretend like you don’t exist.
2) collect characters along the way. there are some amazing ones out there! people are incredibly fascinating!
3) try to calculate how to spend as little time as possible in the station. i love it when i walk onto the platform and get right on the train.
4) conquer the maze of the parking garage between buckhead marta and buckhead church. this is a game i haven’t completely tackled yet… but one day!

seriously, y’all… i’m beginning to think it really is smarta!!


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